Nate Silver predicts win to 49ers in Superbowl

Nate Silver has predicted the San Francisco 49ers will the Superbowl…so far the silence is?deafening?from Karl Rove on what his guess may be:

Nate Silver, the famous poll expert for the New York Times who correctly called the U.S. presidential election for Barack Obama, has really gone out on a limb today, prognosticating that the San Francisco will win 49ers will likely win the Super Bowl.

?The reasons that exceptional defenses fare so much better in the Super Bowl are still somewhat murky, but this factor bodes well for this year?s 49ers, whose defense belongs in the elite group, according to S.R.S. (it ranks 17th among Super Bowl teams),??wrote Silver, in part.

The football team is the favorite already, so it?s not that much of a limb to crawl out on ? and it?s also unlikely to attract as much controversy as Silver?s election calls that sent Republicans into a tizzy.?

Years ago…really years ago I was a big fan of the 49ers…had the caps and everything…back when Joe Montana played for them: