New Zealand First continues to implode

Adam Bennett at the NZH reports

Richard Prosser’s brief parliamentary career appears to be in its twilight. The NZ First MP is likely to be pushed down the party list at the next election, making a return to the House unlikely, a party source says.

Although that is a more sensible way to get rid of an unwanted MP than what Peters did to Brendan Horan, we still have to ask some questions.

1.  What sort of candidate selection process does NZ First have?

2. How has Andrew Williams managed to make it this far?

3. Did they ever resolve Winston Peters’ own illegal candidacy?

4. Surely they knew all about Richard Prosser’s views before they took him in?

5. How exactly did they weed out a Urine Drinking Candidate, yet let through a Drunk and a Bigot?

These people may be Kingmakers again, folks.  

Ok, so we all know they’re a Party of geriatrics that are batshit crazy.  What bugs me the most, is how they turn on themselves and throw their own candidates under the bus.

… a well-placed party source told the Weekend Herald yesterday that even if Mr Prosser survived the immediate fallout and New Zealand First secured 5 per cent or more of the vote at the election, “he’ll be so far down the list next time you won’t see the top of his head”. “He’s p****d the party off no end. The biggest issue is his total lack of judgment.”

So what they’re really saying is that they were happy enough to select him as a candidate, run and make an MP, but he can’t actually say what he’s been consistently saying to the public before he was even selected.

Peters manages to straddle the fence a little more

While Mr Peters has said there is “an element of truth” in Mr Prosser’s comments, which included a call to ban young Muslim men from travelling on Western airlines because “most terrorists are Muslim”, the source said the New Zealand First leader was angry about Mr Prosser’s use of offensive language.

Right.  There you have it.

Richard Prosser has support for his views among NZ First voters.  And Winston Peters won’t deny it.  So that nasty Mr Prosser now has to be gotten rid of because he used offensive language.

Source: NZ Herald


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  • The rules are simple enough for all NZ First MPs except Peters: don’t. say. anything.

    • JC

      But are Prosser’s views a bug or a feature for NZ1st voters? Didn’t he write just what many of them, and plenty of the grumpies think?

      I’ll bet Winston will stay down the middle on this one and see if there’s any votes there for a modified version of Prosser’s rant.


      • Troy

        I have the feeling that it’s a fallacy to think that Prosser reflects NZF supporters in its entirety. In any case, if NZF implodes completely before the next election there’s possibly the chance those voters will head back to the Nats rather than the red’s under the beds/toxic Green type combination.

        • JC

          I don’t think its all of them either.. nor do I think they are that inclined to vote National over Labour in the event of ructions in the party, especially if the oldies think Labour/Green will give them a better return on their savings through a looser money policy.


  • cows4me

    The rest of the numskulls in the lunatic left must be having kittens by now, the pincer movement is in danger of turning into a non event. The cannon fodder that was to be NZfst might not even make it to the trenches.

  • Tom Scott nailed the issue of candidate selection with his cartoon in yesterday’s Dom-Post…

  • Apolonia

    First there was Horran then Prosser that makes 25% of the caucus so far.