Newtown father gives it to State Legislators

Watch this Newtown father give it to the state legislators:

Bill Stevens made a statement of defiance against “proposed asinine legislation” that drew applause from some in attendance, as he reminded legislators that both the national and Connecticut state Constitutions affirm the right to bear arms.

“There’s no registration, there’s no permitting, there’s no background checks,” he advised the panel, reminding them that rights are “endowed by our Creator, not you politicians. “In order to limit the rights of individuals there is something called ‘due process,’ and legislation is not ‘due process.’

“Lock down’ is not an option at the Stevens’ residence and 911 will be dialed after the security of my home has been established,” he declared. “Why is that same security that my daughter enjoys at home with her dad not available at school in Newtown? That is what you should be considering, not making her dad a criminal.”

“I will tell you here today, you will take my ability to protect my Victoria from my cold dead hands,” he challenged, emphasizing his seriousness by slamming his fist on the table.

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  • 4077th

    Well done that man!

  • We all know Sandy Hook was a false flag for the NWO, no children were even killed!
    Murica! fuck yea!

    • A link to some of that material would be both appreciated and entertaining.

  • Middleagedwhiteguy

    He had me until he said “endowed by our Creator”………..

    God said we should all own guns??

  • fozzie2

    This fruit loop shouldn’t be around a gun – let alone a child !

    • You got kids fozzie?

      • fozzie2

        Yes I do and four grand kids – have no problem with gun ownership, and but this particular guy attitude and belief that ‘Obama is taking away his guns’ when the proposed legislation says nothing of the sort. Delusional thinking – not the sort of person fit to own a firearm or take care of a child !

        • cows4me

          Of course Obummer is after the guns fozzie, he and his commie mates would happily give their left nuts for a disarmed US, it’s all part of the master plan, didn’t you know. To disarm a population one first has to know where the firearms are, the lunatic left will employ any means possible to introduce gun restriction. Hitler pulled the same tricks in Germany and look what happened to those poor bastards.

        • Well, I would cut him some slack for being emotional about having his kids’ school mates shot to pieces by a psychopath and then the general public responds by threatening to remove the means of protecting his own home as well. I realise we can debate the finer points of his stance, but to call him a fruit loop may be ignoring he’s been through something that justifies and explains his feelings on the matter.

  • Patrick

    I don’t advocate arming teachers – they are way too dangerous as they are. Having armed professionals in schools would bring this “phenomena” of shooting up kids in schools to a screaming halt – at the exact moment the first shooter hits the floor killed by a security guard. The message would be out there loud & clear.

    • Bovver

      Yeah cos the armed security guard at Columbine was so successful at stopping the two shooters, oh wait…….

      • Patrick

        One guard – on his lunchbreak when it all kicked off? If they had a rostered squad of guards the two losers would have been taken out way before they murdered a bunch of kids.

        • Bovver

          So your idea to is to have a shit load of armed people in a school, did you ever read the article about 2 NYPD hitting 9 bystanders trying to kill 1 perp, your idea is lunacy.

          • Patrick

            and the current situation isn’tlunacy? Kids slaughteredlike sittingducks? One loser shot dead, pictures all over the media and this madness would cease. At the moment schools are easy targets

  • redeye

    What I don’t get is his call for no background checks. Is he happy for the psychotic to be armed to the teeth?