Now I know why Kathryn Powley is so good…there’s two of her

The other day Bryce Johns sent me an email telling me off and asking I apologise to Kathryn Powley:

Be nice if you considered apologising to Kathryn Powley, one of the most respected journalists in the country, but I expect you’ll need to look that up on Wikipedia too.

I have a question for Bryce…which Kathryn am I supposed to apologise to? Oh and Kathryn is so respected as a journalist that there isn’t a single Wiki page on her…you told me to look it up…I did, nothing there…perhaps you should have looked yourself before opening you gob…oh wait..isn’t that what you told me to do too?

However, decent journalists, trained and skilled, do their research properly before shooting off their mouths.


So back to the original question…which Kathryn do you refer to? It seems Kathryn Powley is so good they named her twice… 

Kathryn Powley, so good they named her twice

Kathryn Powley, so good they named her twice

Reminds me of a place so good they named it twice:


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  • Morrissey

    Bryce Johns: the very model of cast-iron complacency and miserable mediocrity.

    • Hey, welcome back!

      • Morrissey

        Thank you, Petal, but I have been back for some time. In my low-key way, of course.

        • Hmm, I know you’re back, back. Just been so low key that I thought you’d given up altogether. Oh well. Good to see you all the same.

  • Stuart Dumphries

    Maybe Kathryn Powley Kathryn Powley is like Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich.

  • Doug

    Who is this Bryce Johns you speak of, he is not on Wiki must be a nobody.

    • Editor of the Herald on Sunday, no less.