On average, you touch about 15 penises per day

via: Imgur

via: Imgur

So, make sure you wash your… what?  




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  • Ronnie Chow

    Paging Dr. Germ . Try and twist this one into a homophobic rant .

    • Travis Poulson

      I think your obsession of him eclipses his alleged obsession over dirty arse sex. Get over it already :)

      • Ronnie Chow

        Guilty . No peace for the Dotcoms , Travis .

      • dotcom

        Noted, thank you.

      • dotcom

        You know how the “h” has been blanked out in the sign … …
        … … Well Ronnie was wondering if the “y” could be blanked as well.

        • Travis Poulson


  • toby_toby

    I have always maintained that if you don’t wash your hands after urinating, you may as well be wiping your dick in your food.

    • dotcom

      Unless vous etes un homme francais, toby. In Paris, for the same reason, men wash their hands BEFORE pissing.

  • How many fannies do we touch?

    • Gazzaw

      Not nearly enough.

  • thor42

    I can easily believe this (unfortunately).

    I used to share a flat with three other guys (this was 27 years ago). The flat had a kitchen with a loo directly off it (wouldn’t be allowed now, shouldn’t have been allowed then). I was *revolted* to see a couple of my flatmates regularly use the loo, come out (without washing their hands), open the fridge and grab the cheese to make a sandwich. Urrrrrrrrgh…… yuck.

    I was put off cheese for *years* after seeing that.

    Toilet doors should have a sign on them saying –

    “Do you mind if I wipe my penis on your coffee cup?

    If you do – WASH YOUR HANDS!”

  • GregM

    Off topic a bit, but a few years ago I went to one of those “mens health” evenings, with the district nurse giving us all a dressing down. (!) One topic was that we should all check our spuds for unusual lumps etc at least once every six months. One of the men thought this wasn’t right and questioned the nurse further. It went like this:
    Bloke: are you sure we need to check them every six months?
    Nurse: absolutely, better safe than sorry
    Bloke: you tell me of one man that doesn’t check them every six minutes.

    Meeting abandoned, off to the pub for a few quiet ones.

  • williamabong

    Unless you work for the Herald, they actually let you put them in your mouth.

  • Marc Williams

    What is this OCD about washing after touching your penis? Do you wash after touching your face? Your leg? Your other hand? People have an unnatural fear that somehow the skin on your penis is “dirty” for some reason – why is it “dirtier” than any other part of your skin. And before your ask, urine is normally sterile, so don’t try and make out that that makes your cock dirty. Since I grew up I manage not to pee on my hands anyway. Now, washing after wiping your bum is different – it is known that faecal bacteria can be transferred to your hands in this case, and these can then be a cause of cross infection. I see no reason for our obsession with hand washing after a pee however, it is simply a convention we associate with “good” manners and as some commentators here have demonstrated, a way of self righteous discrimination.

    • dotcom

      My cat is in total agreement.