Only doing what Gareth Morgan is asking me to do

Via the Tipline



We shall avoid the obvious pun about curiosity, shall we?

Anyway.  Looks like Gareth’s Cat Extermination Quota has another tick on it.

That’ll be $5 please Gareth.



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  • Bit healthy for a Feral

    Didnt have a collar with a bell on it did it (just had to ask)

    • No collar

      • In that case – no issue – moving along

        (Just of note my cat and the neighbours’ cats all have collars with bells on them)

        • Phar Lap

          If he did stick his head in the would probably improve his looks His ears would no longer stick out like the F.A CUP.,his moustache would be torn off and reveal an alien underneath,or maybe the original doggie in the window,re-invented,or just dumbo the nazi cat killer clown.

        • Tom

          Blue collar in both photos actually.

          • MoaningMoa

            Had this happen to a cat of ours (just his tail luckily) as a child, trapper was putting gin traps behind peoples houses.

            Didn’t think it was so funny when he came back to find a bunch of people waiting for him…. knuckles seeminly don’t like ball pin hammers.

      • Yeah it does have a collar, that’ll learn it for nicking the possum’s treats

  • oh yeah that’s some kids pet (see blue collar), good one Garreth.

    • Random66

      Agree, this is shameful behavior by someone who endeavors to justify and brag of their actions under the guise of obeying Gareth.

    • Travis Poulson

      How do you know it was a kids pet? I don’t see “I belong to a child” on the collar.

    • Honcho

      More likely to be part of some crazy cat ladies curation, honestly speaking

  • Free Cat ?

  • That blue thing round it’s neck kinda does look like a flea collar…

  • Mickrodge

    Definitely a collar on that cat.

  • BJ

    It has a blue collar

    • kehua

      you don`t expect a right wing white collar moggy to be so friggen dumb?

  • Meg


    And yes, that cat is wearing a collar. Someones pet now dead.


    • It was stealing a possum’s treats.

      • Travis Poulson

        Great traps, quick humane kill. Perfect for the job. Good for lifestyle blocks but the size & shape makes them not practical for commercial pest control.

        • TANSTAAFL

          Travis you’re just a sycophant aka Guppy

          • Travis Poulson

            I actually know what I’m talking about, worked in the commercial pest control industry. unlike you and probably the rest of the commenters, just another hollow headed outrage fanatic that completely misunderstood and misread my comment.

            Also, there is nothing sociopath about a cat intruding someone elses property or outside of its territory and getting caught in a trap, it’s the cats problem. Stiff shit.

            It’s a different story going out of ones way to kill someone elses pet, however this cat committed suicide by way of trespass.

            I also wonder what the circumstances were, such as this cat could have been killing chickens etc and probably deservedly got it’s comeuppance.

            If people have an issue about a dead trespasser, tough luck.

            Years ago I had my cat (and the last one I ever had) caught by pest control operators, the trap was set alongside a river which was a significant distance from the house. She came home dragging the leg hold trap on her front foot and ended up losing the leg, just one of those things. Council payed the vet bill, nothing more can be done. Cats will stray, that’s reality. Sometimes they get caught in a trap, that’s reality too.

            What is also reality is the outrage alarmists who see a pic like that and make out like it was somehow an intentional act of killing someones pet.

            As I said, they are great traps and do the job very well. If people manage to somehow find that offensive then they’re the one with the problem. Maybe I should drag my leg hold traps out of the shed and take some of you into the bush to set up some lines and see the harsh reality of pest control.

            Some of you need to grow a brain or at least open your eyes, or maybe even just accept that not everything fits in with your sheltered city lives.


        To think I used to respect you, you sick prick. Pet killers are fucking sociopaths

  • AzaleaB

    This is revolting.Tacky to post – insensitive and bloody upsetting. Dog lovers – how would you feel if that was your dog?

    • kehua

      Harden up, it got away with it the other 8 times.

  • Agent BallSack

    I can quite clearly see a collar on this cat. Anyone who finds this amusing should check themselves out of the human race quick smart – i’ll even pull the trigger.

    • Gazzaw

      Spot on ABS. I’m an animal lover full stop. Have cats, have dog and had animals all of my life. The above pics are in appallingly bad taste. Maybe we’ll get to see a gutshot deer or a badly mauled pig dog next – not!!

      The condition of the coat on that cat is way too good to be a feral or a colony cat. It’s someone’s much loved pet FFS that some unthinking wanker has taken it upon himself to kill. That he’s taken it upon himself to photograph it is the sicker part – obviously needs to spend some time on a couch.

      • Travis Poulson

        Come off it Gaz, the examples you gave suggested maltreatment or inhumane killing. The cat was killed humanely. Don’t beat it up into something it’s not Nor did the person go out of their way to kill “someone’s much loved pet FFS that some unthinking wanker has taken it upon himself to kill” as you put it. Cat wasn’t the target species, it was just collateral damage. It happens, read my post below.

        • Gazzaw

          Maybe he didn’t kill it on purpose Trav but he was obviously pleased enough with himself to photograph it and send it in on the Tipline for our titillation & entertainment. The examples of a gutshot deer and a mauled pigdog are not of intentional maltreatment but an all too common occurrence with careless or novice hunters.

    • manuka416

      You’d kill a human being for the sake of a dead cat? Serious over-reaction.

      • Travis Poulson

        Just a little bit. No sack of fleas is worth a human life.

  • disqus_wiMe8reVYZ
  • disqus_OKRtwis75M

    What kind of two-bit, inbred tosser do you have to be to find this funny? Fuck off.

  • Is that your trap?

  • mike

    looks more like adead cat put in trap

    bar is not on neck