Opposed to Charter Schools? Use our System…Whoops

An email from a reader, and loyal army member:

Hi Cam

You ran a post a while ago with details of how to make a submission re Charter Schools. Even though the site was set up by NZEI and PPTA with the express purpose of making submissions against charter schools, I like many members of the Whale Army made an eloquent submission on behalf of charter schools.

They may not have read it fully as I got this from them this morning. I politely replied, thanking them for giving me the email addresses of everyone on the Select Committee and pointing out that in fact I was strongly in favour of charter schools, and that perhaps if they took their blinkers off and showed more concern for educating the children rather than campaigning to protect their patch, and refusing to implement initiatives as directed by their employers, they too might see the benefits of charter schools.

I then emailed everyone on the list, plus my MP, reinforcing that I strongly support the charter school provisions of the Education Amendment Bill, and explained why. It was nice to be able to do this so easily, using the email addresses supplied by the NZEI and PPTA.


They have claimed that every single one of the submission they orchestrated through their website were opposed. Well that simply isn’t true. 

But interesting that only 2000 submissions were received. Hardly surprising when just 1 in 18 PPTA members could be bothered to put their own submissions in as well.

Outgoing PPTA President Robin Duff has acknowledged that, despite spending thousand of members (i.e. taxpayers) funds on full page advertising only 1000 secondary teachers have responded to their desperate plea for submissions to the Bill that will allow Charter Schools.

With incoming President Angela “out of her depth” Roberts acknowledging that they have 18,000 members the PPTA must be gutted. One in 18 against and/or care enough to say so.

NZEI must also be stunned to be sending in only 700 submissions. For all of Ian Leckie’s vitriol you would have thought every primary school teacher was going to be crawling to the steps of parliament and writing their submissions in the blood from their knees.

Only 700 from the NZEI…were those ones separate or included in the 2000 claimed above?

Many more people by not submitting at all have voted, like they did at the election, with the programme put in place by the government. Once again the teacher unions will be on the wrong side parents, instead preferring to defend a system that protects mediocrity and rewards sloth.


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  • TeacherUnionsRscum

    And this makes me speechless

  • Ratesarerevolting

    Most of the teachers at my kids schools are too busy with the various schools sports teams and teaching to be bothered by the rubbish that comes out of the PPTA or NZEI.

  • Agent BallSack

    Perhaps if teachers and unionists stopped dabbling in politics and got down to the job they are paid for i.e TEACHING more kids wouldnt fall through the gaps. As an aside my daughter goes to a charter school and reads at an age 2 years above her actual age. More nails.

  • johnbronkhorst

    2000 responces huh?..exactly 2000 or did they round it up from 200? Must be like the anti asset sales petition they need 300 000 after a year of asking the still don’t have the numbers against this “deeply unpopular policy”……….Couldn’t be the same set of liars being PAID to collect the signatures are now being paid to EMail select commitees?

    • I’m pretty sure you will find the actual number possibly had a 2 in it somewhere

  • I processed the subs for PPTA. There were 2226 submissions in total. Some of these were discounted because they had no name or were double ups. Thus the around 2000 figure. I’d estimate there were around 20 in favour, and they were sent in along with the rest. (Hmmm… Whale Army aye…?) We sent a bulk email to the submitters who left their addresses asking them to contact their MPs about the bill – under the reasonable assumption that most people submitting through a site sponsored by PPTA and NZEI with the header that reads “We don’t need your charter schools” would oppose them. If your correspondent read the text of the site he/she would have noticed that each paragraph began with “I/we oppose the Bill….” In future I’d suggest using the parliamentary website for your submissions – or make your own page and process them yourself.

    • Orange

      You have not put this to the members to find out what we think. You have decided unilaterally that this will be the union position without a hint of representation of our actual view.

      • Quite the contrary. PPTA has a twin democratic structures of an executive and a national conference. Members vote for an executive on a regional basis and a president and vice president nationally. The national conference is attended by voting representatives from every region, numbers dependent on membership, which establishes the overarching policy directions. Any member is welcome to attend if selected by their regional committee, Both executive and conference have affirmed the association’s opposition to privatisation of education, and charter schools.

        • Orange

          So you agree with me, good.