Pathetic Judge forgives Green Taliban actress

Green Taliban actress, Lucy Lawless real name Lucy Tapert, has been slapped with yet another wet bus ticket from a gutless star-struck Judge.

“Actor Lucy Lawless says she is proud of her efforts to stop Shell drilling for oil in the Arctic….. “We are proud to have taken part in our attempt to stop Shell’s reckless plans to drill for oil in the pristine Arctic,” she said outside the court”.

And the punishment for being unrepentant, trespassing, wasting police time and making NZ look like a basket case?

“New Plymouth District Court, Judge Allan Roberts sentenced the activists to 120 hours community work and ordered them to pay Port Taranaki $651.44 each.

Wow maybe he has watched one too many episodes of Spartacus where Lawless gets her tits out.  How much do you think I would get if I invaded Judge Allan Roberts living room as a protest at overpaid Judges?  District Court judges pulling in a cool $300,500 per annum so I guess they really know what the breadline is like.    

Compare the Green Taliban sentence to the eight months home detention and 160 hours community work, the fruit loop who set fire to a car in Wellington’s Cuba Street got.

It wasn’t as if it was hard for this plonker of a judge to decide guilt or innocence

“Lawless, along with six other Greenpeace activists, was sentenced today after pleading guilty to illegally boarding an oil drillship in Taranaki.

But get this.  Shell Todd rightly sought $600,000 in reparations for the time their rig was blockaded.  If the judiciary had a backbone they could have sent the Green Taliban a powerful signal to protest legally or not at all.  Instead:

“Judge Roberts said it was unfair to order further reparation to the company, which could take its claim to the civil courts.

What a gutless waste of our $300,500 to keep this judge in Chardonnay and Golf Club memberships.  Why then did Port Taranaki get reparations when their operations were less affected than the rig trying to legally leave?  I don’t get it when Lawless lived up to her name delaying the ship Noble Discoverer for more than 70 hours.

What a lying hypocrite Lucy Tapert or Lawless is:

“Let’s embrace clean energy; we’re going to have to anyway, so why not do it before they cause a major oil spill in the Arctic, and consign our grandchildren to an uncertain and dangerous world?”

Does she live here? No.  Did she swim here to protest? Umm no.  Did she fly here using only clean energy and in economy class too? I don’t think so. Did she say sorry? No. Did she show any regret? Nope not a bean.  So where is the deterrent Judge Allan Roberts?  You are a gutless disgrace.

What do you think would be the response if you gave her home detention or a spell in jail?  Oh that’s right, she would have problems getting back into that paragon of clean energy, the United States of America where she lives most of the year.

Lawless believes she has caused Shell to abandon Artic drilling.  Ironically it is wanking protestors like Lawless that have propelled fracking into the sunlight as clean energy. Fracking.

Lawless, frack off back the US of A and go protest in Texas or Arizona.  Then we will see how real judges do things.


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  • David Broome

    That judge needs to hand in his man card or Chopper needs to attend a conference of judges and tell them to collectively harden the f**k up.

  • williamabong

    This is shocking, I thought she should have been discharged and given name suppression after all she may want to travel overseas, and a conviction could impeede this.

    How sad never mind, lock the stupid bitch up and chuck away the key.

    I just hope Shell now pursue the fucking airhead and all her dopey unemployed hangers on for the $600K.
    More judiciary with zero accountability to the the taxpayer.

  • StupidDisqus

    Y’all know what I’m going to say, but it needs to be said:

    Cops. Glocks. Problem solved.

    Shell should have shot everyone boarding the drillship.

    And before someone starts ranting about executions, police states, that this is completely unrealistic, that it would never happen anywhere: MV Mavi Marmara. So STFU.

    • JeffDaRef

      If you shot someone trying to illegally board a ship off the coast of Somalia, you’d be called a hero. Just sayin’.

  • Macca

    Couldn’t believe when I heard this yesterday – and to top it off, this brain dead judge even said that the sentence would act as a deterrent to others! I bet they all partied hard last night to the success of their cheap coverage for ‘ the cause’!
    Why is it that judges and school teachers (for the main), are the only two professions who are above the law and don’t have to be held accountable? Some sort of governing body – PLEASE!!!!!

  • Phar Lap

    I also read that the so called Greenpeace gangsters ,have stated that they will not pay any money to Shell Oil even if legally compelled to do so.Perhaps as a face saver they can take it out of their soon to be approved” Charitable” Trust WTF.

    • Gazzaw

      Perhaps the oil companies should band together and refuse to refuel Greenpeace ships – it’s not rocket science.

      • Andy

        Do they use Oil? I thought they were all powered by wind and lentils

        • Gazzaw

          Surprisingly enough Andy they do use oil from the very same companies that they were protesting about. The absolute ultimate in hypocrisy.

          • Andy

            My question was rhetorical of course, but being a Greenie means being a weapon-grade hypocrite. Incidentally, did anyone notice that the UK’s uber-Green Chris Huhne has pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice? Max term = life imprisionment, although he’ll probably get away with a peerage or a plum EU job

        • Dumrse

          The latter making the former.

        • Lopsy

          Same thing innit?

  • TeacherUnionsRscum

    Which episodes have her funbags?

  • Deterrent? That fine amounts to how many tanks of gas for the Mercedes?

    • Mr_Blobby

      3.4 Tanks of super.

  • Can someone tell me what “community service” would be for her?

    Would I see her clearing scrub with the other drugged no-hopers doing PD? Or would she be able to go and teach acting classes at the local school?

    • williamabong

      The airhead would have to learn how to act first, apart from flashing her tits in a third rate childrens show she’s done SFA to raise anything above a back page listing.

  • cows4me

    I’m disappointed in Roberts, I’ve had “personal” dealings with his “honour”, having caused far less trouble then these mentally retarded fruitcakes but it cost me slightly more. Usually this judge takes no prisoners so one would have to assume that someone has had a quite word in his ear. His ruling makes little sense so I rest my hopes on Shell taking a civil case against these wankers and nailing their sorry ares against the wall. I note Greenpeace is trying to distance themselves from this fiasco so maybe they are worried, fucking good.

    • Phar Lap

      Quite right .Next stop Supreme Court,that place is full of activists,all masquerading as judges.

  • LesleyNZ

    Time that Judges in NZ were no longer the “Untouchables”. They need to be held to account for their unwise decisions and sentencing. Pretty obvious if you have “Lawless” in your name and you are an actress you get away with heaps. All the protestors should have been made to pay back the amount that Shell lost over the days of their stupid protesting. Go back to acting Lucy.

    • Gazzaw

      “Acting” Lesley? A somewhat loose description of what she does for a day job.

      • LesleyNZ

        Ok – how about “acting up”.

  • Andy

    The drilling location is in 40m water depth, which is jack-up rig territory. Therefore, “saving the arctic” is not really necessary as the prospect is about as safe as it can get.

    Of course, it is all an emotion-driven fund-raising campaign by Greenpeace. As a multi-billion dollar corporation, I am sure GP can afford the $600,000 that Shell are seeking, and should have been ordered to pay costs.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Holding someone else’s “employment making property” illegally hostage for their PR and propaganda ransom demands is so wrong on so many levels.

    Shell should set an example for other protesters world-wide and start Civil prosecutions against the individuals and also GP as the complicit benefactor in this illegal activity. Their illegal and deliberate actions has direct cost implications for the owner of the property being held to propaganda ransom and the owners should recover those direct costs asa result of these actions.

    Trouble for Shell though is that are damned if they do and damned if they don’t – they would be perceived as the “nasty, evil corporation” trying to ruin the lives of a few passionate individuals who only want what is best for the World and future generations etc… and then Shell would likely end up with an even worse PR situation to manage.

    Instead of pursuing Civil action – just send them all a combined invoice for $600K costs… and then once they don’t pay, pursue them that way for not paying their bills. Even if they had to “drop” the prosecution at a later date – it would definitely send a worthwhile message to the yogurt-weaving, crystal-spinners that illegal actions have real consequences and you will be accountable for your own actions.

    • Andy

      You are right. Greenpeace and other environmental NGOs have the MSM in their pocket. It is really hard for “Big Oil” or anyone else for that matter to take on these ecofachists. This has to be done at a grass roots level, in my view

  • Patrick

    Civil prosecuion – even if Shell were to lose they could drag it out & cost the greenies a fortune in legal expenses.

  • Andy

    I guess Shell and the courts could have got the protesters on Health and Safety issues
    The irony for me is that Oil companies these days are completely obsessed by H&S. BP, for example, require that all employees hold onto the handrail when using staircases in their offices. Employees have H&S targets to meet, so will hang around stairwells waiting to dob in offenders not holding onto the handrail ( I am not making this up ). So when a bunch of eco-warriors flout these regulations, they are endangering themselves and others on the vessel.

    Somehow, this is above the law.

    • David Broome

      What’s worse is that I heard that New Plymouth DC and the Ports of Taranaki may close the popular beach this group of brainless drop kicks used to access the port. That will make GP incredibly popular in NP; their actions deny law abiding people access. I wonder how many of Lawless’ cohorts are either on a benefit or studying law? The judge even said that this was not a trifle but then gave a trifling sentence. As WO says protest legally or not at all; a Judge with a spine could have sent a powerful message reinforcing that.

    • Richard McGrath

      Unfortunately it will probably be the protestors that end up getting Shell fined for health & safety reasons, aided and abetted by scum judges like Allan Roberts.

      • Andy

        Perhaps any future protesters should be required to do a 3 day health and safety induction course at their own expense. I had to watch a 5 minute video on H&S when visiting a friend at an Oil engineering company in Scotland. I was only going for a 30 min lunch in the canteen

  • love all these instances where “special” get off mostly scott free.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Out of all the deadbeats, she is probably the only one with any financial asserts. Lets hope they put a lean on her property and pursue them through he civil courts right to the end.

    If nothing else the years spent in court would discourage any further illegal protesting.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Said it before and will keep on saying it.

    All judges, chief prosecutors and district Police commanders should be elected positions.

    If they fail to meet community standards then we can vote them out, end of problem.

    Nobody should have life tenure.

  • BJ

    They were on private property, not just protesting in a public place – costing the company heaps. Why they weren’t just removed by any means is beyond me.

  • Lopsy

    Here’s the really scary part. 10% of the population of this country are so retarded (and I mean that in it’s fullest sense) they actually think she is some kind of crusading, planet saving icon. Where does this tart live? Bet she drove home in her planet murdering, CO2 farting motor vehicle. We live in strange times, where many people aspire to worship their own selves as moral and ethical deities. When they are as deluded as she is then that’s not enough because it’s only after very public displays of self worship that they feel self fulfilled. Thats not how the world works because common sense is still fairly common. So, Xena, put away your self righteous angst and go and concentrate on your family. They need you more than we do. As for the judge, not surprised given that IMHO every democracy in the Western world is literally infested with a left aligned activist minded public service who will operate as expected.

  • J.M

    I suppose some good did come out of this now that I have seen her tits.