Patrick Lee-lo shoots himself in the foot

El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo can now be exposed as a complete hypocrite.

In Tuesday’s Herald Paddy took a shot at the franchising sector, and in a typical union like manner called for the franchise industry to be regulated saying that;

“franchsiees have to either grow their businesses or cut corners to make money”

But hang on a sec El Presidente, doesn’t the BSC operate a franchise operation called CHEMWASH which conveniently has its National Office details as [email protected]  and the same PO Box number as the BSC?

BSC contact details on ChemWash website

BSC contact details on ChemWash website

El Presidente’s sidekick Marja, yes the one that troughed over to Brazil on the backs of BSC members, is the National Manager of Chemwash.

Looks like they actually did learn some lessons from the junket – just not the ones its members are wanting

Remember Patrick NFWAB


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  • DLM

    What a complete tosser. Caught by his own stupidity. How much longer can this pain keep on going?

  • Fred

    My goodness, Patrick your going to go down in the history of the BSC trophy cabinet as a complete #$&^%&*!!

  • Time For Accountability

    Patrick please file your 2008 accounts.

  • Time For Accountability

    Surprise surprise. The former auditor and now reviewers of the Financial Statements of BSC are the registered off for Chemwash

  • Time For Accountability

    Patrick – My advice is to resign before 5pm today. – before members ask what expenses BSC incurs to run this business and was this funded out of any grants or training funds.

    No wonder you don’t want an audit.

    The NZICA practice entity concerned needs to consider if it was independent when it did prior audits.

  • 4077th

    Dude, you are soooo busted