Perhaps you meant Colombia?

Everyone knows, because Bryce Johns said so in an email, that the Herald on Sunday is full of “decent journalists, trained and skilled“.

Though it appears they are not trained and skilled in geography:


I await an email from Bryce now, with the documents obtained from the Colombian National Library that proves that his “decent journalist, trained and skilled” was in fact right, that originally Colombia was known as Columbia and only through a little know quirk of the media has always been reported. wrongly, as Colombia.

In order to help the “decent jornalists, trained and skilled” yet geographically challenged, here is a short video documentary from VICE about living in the sewers of Colombia…which is appropriate for the Herald on Sunday which seems to every week descend into the sewers themselves.


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    The Herald mistakes are becoming so regular I have to wonder if they have a competition among staff to see whose daily fuckup gets on Whaleoil.

    • Lion_ess

      There’s an idea – a daily Whale Oil Award to the most decent journalist, trained and skilled. Perhaps a good replacement for Kim Dotcom/Kate Wilkinson.

  • Richard McGrath

    There’s a clear pattern emerging here – a disconnect between those who write the Horrid’s articles and those who devise the headlines. The overall result is ungood.