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This has to be one of the most elaborate spiral staircases in the world


They also make for an interesting subject  



And now for a reeeeeaaaly long stretch, have a laugh at what Movie Trailers looked like in the 50s!


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  • Where is your most elaborate staircase from?

    The most mysterious staircase in the world is this one.

    • I can’t trace its origin. It appears all over the internet, but none point to a source.

    • Bunswalla

      The determination of otherwise intelligent people to ignore obvious truths, and create and perpetuate “miraculous” events never ceases to amaze me. I’m sure it played well to an audience of ignorant peasants back in the late 1800’s – after all there had to be some means of extracting money from the dirt-poor bastards and the rich land-owners keen to guarantee a good seat in heaven – but this is 2013 for goodness sake.

      This is the least mysterious staircase in the world, in that there’s not the slightest bit of genuine mystery about it.

      This comment from the same web page as Lucia disingenuously points us to, in fact debunks the whole ridiculous fairy tale.

      “As appealing as the story is of St. Joseph “miraculously” building the Loretto staircase for the good Sisters, it isn’t true. Based on years of extensive research, the truth is the carpenter was Francois-Jean Rochas, a member of ‘les compagnons’ a guild of celibate and secretive craftsmen. And he was far from saintly. Reclusive and irascible, he ended up dead in his Dog Creek cabin, either by suicide or assassination. The chapel’s contractor, Quintus Monier, named Rochas as the builder of the stairs. An 1881 entry into the sisters’ logbook indicates Rochas was paid $150 “for wood.” There are receipts for payment to Rochas for work done. Originally the staircase had no railing – it was added later for safety reasons. The story of the “miracle” was created and perpetuated by the good Sisters to answer those astounded by this engineering marvel who found it impossible to believe a mere mortal could have built it.”

      There, I fixed it for you. Now if you want to draw attention away from those badly behaved priests, you need to stop inventing and perpetuating fairy stories as a decoy – they just make you look silly.

      • There is controversy around who built it, that is for sure. The source of the story of the builder that you quote is Mary Jean Straw Cook, author of Loretto: The Sisters and Their Santa Fe Chapel (2002: Museum of New Mexico Press).

        Apparently, “Johann Hadwiger, a German woodworker,
        was once credited with the design and construction of the stairs. The
        source of this claim, Johann’s grandson Oscar Hadwiger, later admitted
        he had no proof.”

        Source: Wikipedia

        Yeah, I knew about the railing being added later. Not really a secret.

        • Bunswalla

          i can see why you believe in fairy stories if you rely on wikipedia for your sources, but you’ve rather changed lasagnes I mean horses on this one, haven’t you?

          First the story was that a mystery person built it, could have been some bloke that’s been dead for a millennium, but nobody has any idea who it really was. Now you’re telling me that at least two people could have built it – neither of them a dead saint.

          You’re flogging a dead burger patty on this one Lucia.

      • Ronnie Chow

        The story of the Miraculous Staircase occurs in my life with something approaching astonishing regularity. I cannot tell why except to believe that I and everyone else who learns of it are being enjoined to beseech the Holy Patriarch for his powerful intercession. The battles we are facing on all fronts at this time will be overcome only through efficacious prayer — and the key word is “efficacious.” We are all too familiar with beseechings, supplications, pleadings that seemingly go unanswered while situations stay the same or, worse, deteriorate. The key lies in our prayer, where we gain the wisdom and strength to endure our situations and offer them up for the conversion of the world or to change them. If no less than St. Teresa of Avila considers St. Joseph to be the master of the interior life, well it behooves us to turn to him unceasingly to ask his intercession that we become people of interior life upon whom Our Lord can truly rely, whether in our current situations or to change them. Thank you, Mr.Bunsy .

        • Bunswalla

          You’re most welcome my son. Say 10 Hail Marys, three Our Fathers and for Christ’s sake put that altar boy down!

          PS i think it’s behoves, not behooves. You’re on about the horses again, aren’t you?

  • Ronnie Chow

    They are helical staircases . Common mistake .

    • Good point! Thanks :)