Photo of the Day

Vaults.  Especially their doors.  We usually marvel at them in movies, because you’re probably not really meant to see them in real life.


A bank vault (or strongroom) is a secure space where money, valuables, records, and documents can be stored. It is intended to protect their contents from theft, unauthorized use, fire, natural disasters, and other threats, just like a safe. But unlike safes, vaults are an integral part of the building within which they are built, using armored walls and a tightly fashioned door closed with a complex lock.


Historically, strongrooms were built in the basement of a bank where the ceilings were vaulted, hence the name. Modern bank vaults typically contain many safe deposit boxes, as well as places for teller cash drawers, and other valuable assets of the bank or its customers. They are also common in other buildings where valuables are kept such as post offices, grand hotels, rare books libraries and certain government ministries.



Source:  images via Imgur, text via Wikipedia.



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  • Mitch82

    Looks like a Steampunk enthusiast’s wet dream!

  • peterwn

    This would be from a USA bank. They would have 2-4 combination locks with different people knowing the combinations and 3 -4 timelocks (in case of failure of a timer). British and NZ banks strongrooms generally had rectangular doors. British banks had them in the basement but some USA banks had them at the back of the banking chamber in full view of customers – to show the bank was serious about looking after customers’ money.

  • cows4me

    Bet my daughter could open it, seems to be able to open my wallet with very little effort.

  • what a beautiful piece of human creation. i testament to ingenuity and evolution of the lock.