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Velcro is a company that produces the first commercially marketed fabric hook-and-loop fastener, invented in 1948 by the Swiss electrical engineer George de Mestral. De Mestral patented Velcro in 1955, subsequently refining and developing its practical manufacture until its commercial introduction in the late 1950s. The word Velcro is a portmanteau of the two French words velours (“velvet”), and crochet (“hook”) — Wikipedia


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  • Hazards001

    See…the things you learn on always believed velcro was developed during the Vietnam war in response to the US Army’s request for a quieter type of fly to replace the zipper that when the men where undoing themselves for a piss in the jungle whilst surrounded by Viet Cong wouldn’t be heard…and the urban legend is of course that velcro for this purpose was a total FAIL…it can be heard from two blocks away during urban drug warfare….of course I also wondered if they were so worried about it why the didn’t just go back to buttons…guess I’m just gullible? Mind you we are talking about the same nation that invested 32 million dollars in 1964 to create a pen that could write upside down in space…while the Russians chose to use a pencil.(another urban myth?)