POLL: Ink or No Ink?


POLL: Ink? Or no Ink?

  • No (87%, 678 Votes)
  • Yes (10%, 77 Votes)
  • Dunno (3%, 21 Votes)

Total Voters: 776

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  • Mitch82


  • kohibruce

    What about towel or no towel poll?

  • I saw a middle-aged woman in Christchurch a few weeks ago who would have been a great warning poster for young women about to cover themselves in tattoos. Let’s just say that it was not a good look…

    • Gazzaw

      I often wonder whether the current tats fad was started by the cosmetic surgery industry to guarantee their future income stream. Tats look dreadful on old people. They look so bloody pathetic with their faded tats on their saggy old skin.

      • My point exactly; a point with which my wife agreed wholeheartedly upon seeing said woman in Christchurch.

      • The ones that will regret it the most are those with unicorns…later when gravity takes effect they will get loads of compliments on their nice Rhinoceres tattoo

  • Michael

    Tattoos are great, I have 2 plus a half sleeve (doesn’t really count as one!) No regrets and yes, I know should I make to 80 when the skin no longer resists gravity, it won’t look as good, but who cares.

    If you have tattoos, own it. If not, own it. Who cares :)

    • I want to get a sleeve done

      • Yuk Yuk Yuk Yuk horrible, ugly and totally unappealing. Why don’t you get love and hate tattooed on your knuckles while you are at it? If I wanted to be married to a gang member I would have married one. I see enough ugly ink scribbled all over my students day in and day out. I don’t want to have to look at it on my husband as well. Oh, and since me saying yuk, knowing you will make you want to do it even more it is GAY, really GAY why don’t you get an ear stretcher while you are at it?

        • oh and I am sure I can use it as grounds for a divorce. The vows said in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, they said nothing about still wanting you when you have scribble all over your arm.

  • Liberty

    Tats look awful on anyone
    The quickest way not to get a job.

    • Michael

      err, no. I have tattoos and hold a 6 figure job (white collar). Many of my peers in the IT industry have tattoos. It’s hardly considered these days, some industries are still a bit 1930’s with their views, like accountants and lawyers, but society has changed and managed to deal with something that has been around for 1000’s of years.

      • Gazzaw

        Be brave Michael & go for a full facial if it’s so well accepted.

        • Michael

          take it to the extreme? we all know how well extremes are tolerated, even in their own peer groups ;)

          • Gazzaw

            Not if you’re uncomfortable with that Michael but maybe go for something that’s not concealed by your business attire.

          • Michael

            You can see my sleeve in my “business attire”. Nerds don’t wear long sleeves business shirts. A polo shirts, tshirts are all ok. I also wear shorts to work, so my leg tattoo is also visible. I am infront of vendors and customers alike (oh no!) and people manage.

            Keep trying my friend :)

          • pukakidon

            You wouldnt be one of those noodle armed code punchers would you Michael. You know the ones that when you shake their hand it feels like grasping on to a long steam of wet snot. Work in a dark hovel where no one can see you? Tattoos of little devils and gothic dragons?

            Probably one of those that we real men role our eyes at after you leave and agree that you are a fucken dickhead.

          • Michael

            Nope, Infrastructure architect. So I actually get outside in “interact” with people not from WOW ;)

          • Gazzaw

            Let’s revisit the debate in ten years time.

          • Lofty

            Gaz you can get rid of them it takes time and money though.
            Usually about 10 – 12 laser sessions at whatever price, that hurt more than getting the tattoo.

          • Gazzaw

            That’s what I mentioned above Lofty. I’m half convinced that it is a conspiracy by the cosmetic surgery industry to guarantee future income.

          • Lofty

            Oops sorry Gaz I shot half cocked

          • Tats rule

            And that is the thing. The person with the tat is the one who has to have it for life. Not you. So personal liberties and all that jazz.

          • Gazzaw

            Have I said that they should be banned? Personal freedoms are paramount as far as I’m concerned and you can choose to cover yourself head to toe with tats, pierce yourself, stretch your ears , cut your dick off, I really don’t care. As fashion mores change which they will as sure as night follows day don’t expect the taxpayer to pay out big bucks to rectify your voluntary actions.

          • Liberty

            That’s the point. It is a personal choice. It’s not my choice
            I also have the right to say they look crap and if the individual
            wants to give the impression that they have been inside, that is really is up to them. and it is such a waste when girls get tats.

          • Tats rule

            I don’t expect the tax payer to remove any of my tat’s.

            What a dumb thing to say.

          • Michael

            Sleeve is 7 years old. Kids names on my chest, 14 years old. Right shoulder piece coming up 16.

            My only point is that it’s a choice. It doesn’t and hasn’t prevented me from employment.

            I have a great job, I am well paid and would fit in to an “upper middle class” if you had to label it.

            Tattoos don’t prevent anyone for anything. People’s perceptions do. I have had to cover my tattoos before, out of respect for other peoples opinions (funerals come to mind, as do churchie type gigs). Some people are still quite conservative. I don’t flaut my tattoos likes some sort of cocky shit, but I don’t hide them. Tattoos aren’t for everyone and just because I like them and I haven’t had any life draw backs, doesn’t mean tattoos are right, but nor does you opinion make it wrong. I haven’t said anywhere here people should get them. I have only attempted to rebuttal FUD about the impact of tattoos. That said, if you have “mob for life” on you forehead, that is probably going to set you back a wee bit ;)

          • Gazzaw

            I’ll buy that Michael.

          • Hazards001

            You wouldn’t be working it the IT department where I am. For one thing our IT people would be down the road in a polo shirt and shorts.

          • Michael

            Yup, I have worked in places like that too.

      • Liberty

        It would be interesting to know what you could have earnt with no Tats.
        Then you will never know.

        • Michael

          Based on the industry I am in, I am in the top pay bracket, no barrier for me :)

        • Tats rule

          Judgmental much?

    • Mitch82

      So long as it’s not neck/face/forearms, it really isn’t a problem.

    • Tats rule

      Not true at all. I have a couple and I have never had a problem getting a job.

      It all depends on where you get them and what they look like.

  • Patrick

    Girls with tatts look disgusting, sorry. Blokes – I don’t apply the same “critical analysis”

  • Lofty

    A mate of mine reckons that if you are giving a Sheila a doggy style and can see the lower back tramp stamp, you are having a scenic root.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Yep – most aren’t overly appealing – except the vamp tramps at suisidegirls.com who all only want to undress each other, so they can admire each other’s tats with kisses and caresses of admiration… so who should not like that?!?!?!?!

  • Whafe

    LOL – Will never forget taking this hot woman home one night, had no clue she was covered in ink, am not talking a 50 cent piece size butterfly, am talking loads of ink… Got a fright being totally honest, but at the same time it was hugely sexy….

    Each to there own I say…..

  • Hazards001

    Tattoos. Used to be if you saw a guy with a tattoo he was one of 4 things, a biker crim or ex con a sailor or an armed serviceman. And you knew one other thing..the person with the tattoo was probably not someone you wanted to mess with!

    Today they are worn by slappers, poofs, lawyers, politicians, accountants, softcock business people, IT gimps and university students. All saying the same thing. “Look at me..I’m unique, I’m an individual. I’m not prepared to actually be unique or an individual but I will go to a sterile environment and take some short term minor pain to prove I’m unique!”

  • Lion_ess

    She looks like someone scribbled all over her.

    • yes, she was a beautiful woman till the tatts were added. One small tatt in a discreet place might be ok but that example is just awful. I can tolerate WO’s Whale Tattoo but that is the limit.

  • Am still wondering how you got that stock photo of my sisters.

  • DangerousE

    depends on the day, sometimes you like the good girl so no ink, other days you want the BAD girl……

  • romulus

    Tatoos on a woman are smoking hot. So long as the woman is smoking hot. There is certainly a “use by” date.

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  • John Q Public

    Show me someone under 30 without a tatt, and I’ll show you someone who truly is expressing themselves as an individual.