Poll: Seven Sharp so so, Campbell Live still a bit shit

The NZ Herald reports

TV One’s new daily prime time show Seven Sharp had a solid but unspectacular first night audience, according to overnight ratings supplied by NielsenTAM people meters.

Estimates for the new infotainment show – starring Alison Mau, Jesse Mulligan and Greg Boyed – were similar to those for Close Up this time last year.

Seven Sharp maintained Close Up’s lead over TV3’s Campbell Live.

Someone we all know tweeted this morning


Poll over the break  

How has Seven Sharp changed your 7 pm viewing habits?

  • Didn't watch Campbell or Close up before, not starting now (58%, 160 Votes)
  • Something else (20%, 55 Votes)
  • Sticking with Campbell Live (8%, 23 Votes)
  • Switching to Campbell Live (7%, 19 Votes)
  • Sticking with Seven Sharp (5%, 14 Votes)
  • Switching to Seven Sharp (2%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 276

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  • Pete George

    Throng graphs Seven’s sharp downward trend – http://www.throng.co.nz/2013/02/ratings-more-bad-news-for-seven-sharp/
    – sort of like a sideways seven l

  • Patrick

    When is that hand wringing leftie softcock Campbell going to be shown the door?

  • johnbronkhorst

    Cambell live is ill informed biased (politically) and shows a great measure of ignorance on many subjects.
    Seven Sharp however is juvinile irrelevant bull shit, if I want to watch a childrens view of the world, I have Sky and will watch the Cartoon network!!

  • John1234

    It is actually worse than that for the Campbell show – in the first three days Seven Sharp has started at Closeup level, but then each night shed tens of thousands of viewers.
    However none of them have switched to Campbell Live. They have simply turned off their televisions.

    Poor John can’t even pick up disaffected TV1 viewers. Helen Clark was right about him – he’s a creep.

  • Stuarts.burgers

    Just switched to Crowd Goes Wild on Prime. So much better

  • cows4me

    Should have used the half a hour for a program promoting a right wing view of life. Knowing most of the lefty fools infesting this country it would probably take a while to gain an audience. At the moment we have leftism and brain dead commentary for the sheeple, they need to be shown another way.

    • Macca

      In total agreement with you cows. I reckon a balanced political show would go off!

  • Andy

    Back in my childhood we had “John Craven’s Newround”, aimed at kids, which makes 7 Sharp look like something for pre-schoolers

  • Stuart Dumphries

    is there something on TV? When did this happen?

  • Captain Crab

    Never watched either. Reruns of nine year old Top Gear episodes far more entertaining

  • David Broome

    I watched the first show of 7Sharp and thought Heather du Pleiss-Allan was the star talent ( I still do because she has a brain, asks intelligent questions and pursues things). It seems the concept of 7Sharp is wrong – too crowded, no chemistry & no logic.

    I’d get du Pleiss-Allan as anchor and have Boyed, Mau & Mulligan as reporters at large; 3 stories per night (one business/political (Boyed), one consumer/general (Mau) and one light (Mulligan) with space reserved for tn-studios on breaking stuff with du Pleiss-Allan (radically done out of Wellington where the politicians are).

    Use the talents of Mau, Mulligan and Boyed separately for together they are dire.

    Look, I tuned into see if they did anything on Mainzeal or the Tsunami and saw Tem Morrison’s puff PR on his new movie funded by NZ on Air to the tune of $199,500, followed by yet more puff pieces (ie when breaking news breaks, 7Sharp acted like TVNZ7. It still beggars belief TVNZ7managed to miss the 2010 Darfield earthquake until late despite being billed as a news channel – its where I lost faith in it and did not mourn its passing – does anyone seriously miss shows on arts composition and lawyers?

    Both had ‘7’ in the title and both made news seem like an oxymoron.

    My view remains is that TVNZ is looking to kill-off the 7-730PM ‘current affairs’ slot they can move overhaul the line-up to start at 7PM – imagine ad revenues out of news. I can’t recall but were not re-runs of Border Patrol rating higher than what 7Sharp is doing now and CL?

    They could ‘sell’ the change by showing devastating ratings “we tried” and by promising to beef up Sunday, Q+A and possibly Breakfast/Midday news.

    • Lopsy

      Very cogent analysis grasshopper, H du Plessis-Allan is the sleeper. All these other numpties come across as script reading pre-programmed automatons. Campbell has never risen above the level of the high school debating champ with a strident sense of left wing outrage.

  • redeye

    Best show on at 7:00pm at the moment is Pawn Stars on The Box. If you want to be informed that is.

  • Bunswalla

    Haha – nice one Trav

  • Whafe

    Both shows are a heap of shit, get more info on what is happening in NZ by watching the grass grow

  • Whafe

    In all seriousness, Rabobank must be spewing how appalling this show is. I bet TV1 is pleading with them not to pull the sponsorship and grovelling that ratings will lift hugely.
    Cant see it at all

  • Lion_ess

    Going out on a limb here … but, I think the 7.00pm current affairs format (Closeup/Campbell Live) is out of date and faded. Like Petra Bagust put an end to any interest in Channel 1’s Breakfast Show, Seven Sharp (stupid name) is at least having a go at a different format. Personally, I would give it a bit of time to get the right story/presentation balance right, and while it may not last the distance, I hope 7pm can offer better than Campbell and Sainsbury.

    • Funnily enough, all that Campbell and Sainsbury are doing/did was to propagate the format started by one Paul Holmes.

      • Lion_ess

        yes, in the 80’s