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New Zealand are to accept some of Australia’s “Boat People”.


First a definition

The term ‘boat people’ entered the Australian vernacular in the 1970s with the arrival of the first wave of boats carrying people seeking asylum from the aftermath of the Vietnam War. Over half the Vietnamese population was displaced in these years and, while most fled to neighbouring Asian countries, some embarked on the voyage by boat to Australia.  

The first boat arrived in Darwin in April 1976 carrying five Indochinese men. Over the next five years there were 2059 Vietnamese boat arrivals with the last arriving in August 1981.  The arrival of 27 Indochinese asylum seekers in November 1989 heralded the beginning of the second wave. Over the following nine years, boats arrived at the rate of about 300 people per annum—mostly from Cambodia, Vietnam and southern China. In 1999, a third wave of asylum seekers, predominantly from the Middle East, began to arrive—often in larger numbers than previous arrivals and usually with the assistance of ‘people smugglers’.

So, in that context, John Key is expected to announce that New Zealand will become a destination for “Middle East” originating boat peopla

Asylum seekers in Australian detention centres could be shipped over to New Zealand under a new deal expected on Saturday.

Prime Minister John Key is holding bilateral talks with his Australian counterpart, Julia Gillard, in Queenstown, with new arrangements to combat people smuggling set to top their agenda.

New Zealand is expected to announce it will allocate some of its annual 750 refugee [United Nations] quota to take asylum seekers from recently reopened Australian detention centres on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island and Nauru.

Mr Key says it’s important New Zealand helps with “regional solutions” to what he calls an “Australasian issue”.

He believes it’s only “a matter of time” before such boats start arriving in New Zealand waters.

Oh great.  Of course we’re going to be a destination for boat people if we’re seen to be accepting them.

What’s the UN ever done for New Zealand except take incompetent politicians off our hands?

Should New Zealand become a destination for Australia's "Boat People"

  • No (65%, 356 Votes)
  • Yes, but within our 750 per year quota only (32%, 175 Votes)
  • Yes, and over/above our 750 per year quota (2%, 13 Votes)
  • Yes, but only this one time (1%, 3 Votes)
  • Don't know (0%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 549

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Source: Yahoo! News Wire


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  • Greg

    I notice people are voting for the part where we accept 750 per year into our country but they forget the boat people are trying to get in front of the queue so I say NO to letting them in here.

    • StupidDisqus

      I say get the RNZAF to buy a couple more squadrons of F/A-18s – or even a few more Orions – and send ’em up to Darwin to deal with Boat People Tony Abbot’s way – with AGM-Harpoons.

      • SerSydney

        just 1 will do… not even a Sqn

  • unitedtribes

    Only good thing would be that 5 minutes after they are integrated they would be straight off to Australia again

    • Random66

      I was listening to a radio station yesterday while driving and they were talking to some Australian journalist going over the top Australian news stories for the week. One that featured was a prominent Australian minister (I don’t recall the name) stated that Australian youth were being negatively affected in the job market by the ability for NZ’er to just come across open slather (so to speak) and he said people from other countries were using this loop hole to get citizenship in NZ and then moving to Australia, and it had to stop. He wanted only NZ born individuals to be able to come, and even then less of them. I wonder if that got discussed yesterday.

      • Dave

        It was news here last week, but its not affecting the youth that much, i mean, Can you see Maccas employing a 25 year old indonesian immigrant or a local youth to run the front counter. It might affect the 25~50 yr old job market in cleaning and basic labour as most immigrants are prepared to work long hours and do very dirty jobs and menial tasks. The local freezing works here employs a bunch of immigrants, as they are prepared to work, a lot of Aussie born workers complain, but the truth most of those complaining wont work the hours in the conditions, the benefits and handouts are sufficient for them to live on while they bitch and moan about the immigrants.

      • unitedtribes

        Yes its been a bone of contention for some time. Not only with immigration but other policies that our two countries share different views on. We must protect our own sovereignty but it gets harder as the world gets smaller. One issue that we must protect is our own currency.

      • AzaleaB

        This has some substance. I know of two families who used NZ as a springboard to get to Austalia. One South African family succeeded and are still living there ( nice people and our loss). They were initally turned down and used NZ as ‘back-up’ option. After they gained NZ citizenship they hopped the ditch. A Brit family also tried this, using only residency and were turned down…so hopped back to UK( also nice people). Neither family had any intention of staying here.

      • Pissedoffyouth

        Indian woman at work left for Australia a week after getting citizenship. They should stop this.

  • Lion_ess

    They don’t like their own countries so queue-jump to get here and then bring their silly stone-age, cultural bullshit with them.

    By the way, the UN doesn’t only take incompetent politicians away, it gives the mumblers back.

  • Dave

    Boat people are a huge problem here in Aussie, the LNP (Liberal National Party) had it right, turn the boats back, leave them on the detention islands etc. Then along came the bleeding heart socialists who convinced their LABOUR to let them in after screening, so they could live in Aussie. The problem is, this LABOUR decision legitimized the people smugglers business, as even with a quota they could sell space on a leaky boat. Hence, The old Aussie Underarm problem is not the Aussie immigration problem. NZ needs to stand firm and say NO, or at least if forced to accept some, offer spaces on Southland Diary farms and its essential to closely monitor them. It may sound overbearing, but there are enough social and financial issues in NZ without letting a bunch of Que. jumping foreigners into the country who are unlikely to integrate, and very likely to spend years on welfare while draining the health system.

    • StupidDisqus

      the LNP (Liberal National Party) had it right, turn the boats back, leave them on the detention islands etc

      Fuck that. That’s the “Liberal” party. The Nats and the mad Queensland woman had the right idea – send out F/A-18s and have some target practice.

  • Rodger T

    Fuck off ,we`re full.

  • Worst PM ever!

    • BJ

      Why is that? – again

    • Tristanb

      That’s clearly not true. But he is one of the most left-wing PMs we have had.

    • Greg

      Hes the one with the biggest smile ( remember the last one) but he is also the one who has done bugger all!

    • starboard

      change the record Hulun…

    • parorchestia

      Please name what he has done, or not done, that irks you so much.

  • BJ

    Now I’m not usually one to criticize JK but why on earth has he agreed to this

    It will be the beginning of the slippery slope. Little old NZ cannot fix the world – we need to look after our own back yard. Immigration should happen in a controlled manner through usual channels only. If we show weakness it is only a matter of time before bigger seaworthy boatfuls of ‘aliens’ make it to NZ.

    • StupidDisqus

      Now I’m not usually one to criticize JK but why on earth has he agreed to this

      Because he didn’t have a fucking choice. He could have said “no” and the un-elected Gillard would have said “end of visa-free entry for Kiwis”.

      Now, that is one of the many good policies of Tony Abbot – and any real reform in NZ would have a side-effect of ending visa-free entry to Aus anyway. But Key didn’t want to lose it on his watch if he could avoid it.

      • BJ

        You’re right of course – and JK treads the path of least offence to mainstream NZ – taking 150 asylum seekers will have him seen by all immigrants to NZ as empathetic to foreigners , NZers gets to enjoy continued visa free travels to Oz, critics can’t complain we are taking more than the 750 annual quota of refugees and the upside is it will gain him votes,not lose any.

        • Gazzaw

          He’s ever the pragmatist BJ.

          • Moaning Greasy Flyblow

            Dead right Gaz, showed early promise but he’s basically a horse trader. Never lets his principles get in the way. Pragmatic but gutless

  • backster

    It’s the free money, and preferential state housing, subsidised healthcare etc that will see them bringing out all their rellies once they are safely settled on the dole.

  • fozzie2

    Missing from this photo are the cigarettes !

  • Gazzaw

    Interesting to see where labour stands on this. If they have any political nous at all they will oppose this possible move by JK with all of their might. Given the storm that this will cause it could just be the gamebreaker that labour needs to swing over the middle ground. Difficult philosophically for them though given Shearer’s UN background and Clarke’s current employer. Cunners wouldn’t hesitate if he was the leader.

    • Meg

      I do not think this will cause much of a ripple.

      John Key has become the master of diversion, and coupled with Labours seemingly inability to make the most of the massive number of Governmental fuck ups, most kiwis will not even know this has happened.

      Novopay alone should have this Government crashing in the polls, but the lefts inability to make hay while the sun shines amazingly bright day and night has been Nationals saving grace.

      Do not expect kiwis to raise anything beyond a slight murmmur.

      • Gazzaw

        By and large the general public don’t give a FF about Novopay and as teachers largely vote on the left that issue won’t significantly affect the polls.

        • Meg

          It is not so much that teachers are not getting paid (and you would be surprised at how many people are pissed at that, and I am not just talking teachers). It is that if the Nats cannot do a simple thing as put a contract in place successfully then how can they be trusted to do anything right.

          The left need to get better at showing the Government up for the useless idiots that they are. And until the do things like this agreement with Australia will go unchallenged by the public.

          Hell yesterday the Australian PM said rather publicly John Key get stuffed. We are not going to afford kiwis living in Oz, the same rights as our own people, even though NZ does this for Aussies living in NZ. And how does Key respond? “Sure Julia, we will take boat people because you asked me to”.

          One hell of a guy our PM.

          • BJ

            The left will only ever show themselves up – as they do.

          • Gazzaw

            It was Clarke who signed those rights away Meg in 2001 and never forget that. Signed away to an Aussie Tory PM to boot.

          • Meg

            And who is in Government now? National. You right wingers need to start taking responsibility and stop blaming all Keys fuck ups on Clark.

          • Dave

            Almost all Fuck ups are Auntie Hulun’s fault Kosh. She did men and women around NZ a tremendous favour though Kosh. Every time she appeared in public or the media other women realized how attractive they were and men across NZ thanked god they didn’t have to wake up next to that!!

          • unsol

            Wasnt the contract already in place via Chris Carter before he left office in 2008?

            And if you look at WO’s other posts on this you will see that the teachers screamed to high heaven when the previous system was introduced.

            So seems to me a lot of this can be contributed to a bit of lefties crying wolf & a media beat up.

          • Meg

            It is amazing the lengths you right wingers will go to in order to excuse the god awful thing that is out current PM’s judgement.

          • manuka416

            1. I’m certainly not pissed about Novopay. I feel sorry for the minority teachers not being paid right, but I’m utterly sick of the bitching and moaning (teachers and media).

            2. The Novopay contract was put in place by the Labour when in government in 2008, not by National.

            3. I think the Aussies are well within their rights to treat NZers the same as other immigrants. Though, any special treatment is welcome.

            4. NZ has a long-standing agreement to take 750 UN-referred refugees per year. Any agreement to take some of Aussie’s asylum seekers will fit into that cap. I absolutely agree with NZ taking refugees (within a set quota).

          • Meg

            Labour may have signed the contract, but it was National who said put it in place despite knowing all the flaws in the system.

            Also, a few people on a right wing blog does not a country make.

          • StupidDisqus

            Also, a few people on a right wing blog does not a country make.

            Leftist idiot. The 100,000 people who read this blog bascially pay all the taxes in NZ And if you think Whale and most of the commentators here are in any way “right wing” you’re completely off the rocker. Most of them are wet socialist leftists – they just look rightwing because you’re a communist. For example, they think you and your sort should be reeducated – I think you should be shot out of hand.

          • Meg

            I see you have taken your stupid pills again.

          • StupidDisqus

            Of course. Key has to realize the reality of dealing with Oz, even if you don’t – and he knows that taking a few boat people now and then is the price NZ pays to keep visa-free access to Australia.

            And Auckland is about 150mins cruise flight time from RAAF Williamtown – which is a couple of hours from ANSTO Lucas Heights.

          • Meg

            No he didn’t have to.

            He could have said, no thanks Julia, oh and I think it is time we started doing to your expats what you do to ours.

            There is this myth of a loving trans tasman relationship, when in reality it is NZ bowing down and saying what ever you want Oz.

            We once knew how to stand up to others, thanks Key.

          • parorchestia

            We had just as bad stuff ups with the Labour govt. Sh*t happens.
            Key is being cunning and so has preserved our rights to free entry to Aus. As to being the worst PM ever – how many countries have sailed through the current rough economic times as well as NZ has?

          • Meg

            All thanks to the previous Labour Government.

  • Apolonia

    It looks like Key has his eye on a job with the international socialists post 2014, and is shafting us like his predecessor did.

    • starboard

      great…the sooner he pisses off the better..Im mean. really, whats he done for joe blow nz’er..jack shit.

      • My point exactly, worst PM ever!

        • starboard

          no Hulun..you were our worst PM ever, now run along I think Heather needs another rogering

          • Meg

            More like one of our greatest.

        • BJ

          Andy Andy Andy Please explain!

    • Moaning Greasy Flyblow

      It is increasingly apparently to me JK is looking to life after politics and has basically given the hard stuff away. He’s a joke

  • Patrick

    He believes it’s only “a matter of time” before such boats start arriving in New Zealand waters.
    I call bullshit on that one – the old rust buckets originating from Sri Lanka have absolutely no chance of making it across what is universally accepted as one of the wildest seas in the world.
    What everyone needs to accept is these so called refugees are in the main economic migrants that are queue jumping the immigration process plain & simple.
    Do as John Howard did – send them back or divert them to a poxy island in the middle of the ocean.

    • The Maoris made it here

      • starboard

        mores the pity

        • unsol

          right because your ancestors are that much better – what were they? poor potatoe farmers or convicts?

          • SerSydney

            maybe… but what are they doing now?

          • unsol

            blogging or sponging off the the govt…..if not through benefits per se then definitely through WFF….

          • starboard

            potato doesnt have an e fucktard

          • unsol

            epic fail on the attempt to assume superiority port side: potatoe is derogatory way to reference the irish

          • starboard

            I like the Irish, they are good people, you..on the other hand..

      • Patrick

        & looking at pictures of the boats the Sri Lankan smugglers use I would rather chance my arm in a Waka any day – especially if a crew or Maori blokes were sailing it – no one, not even the Aus Navy would mess with that!

    • Gazzaw

      Totally agree Patrick. It was only five minutes ago that McCully was allaying fears about the yacht in Darwin with reffos on board claiming that they were heading for NZ. He said then that there was absolutely no danger of boats crossing the Tasman given their generally derelict state. Labour used to give us the same BS.

  • BJ

    So Its settled then – JK has agreed to take 150 boat people. How convenient that they probably won’t have documents to prove who they are.

  • thor42

    Thanks for NOTHING John, you *prick*.

    As we always do, New Zealand ends up as the “soft touch”.

    Every bloody time.

    Look for the word to spread like wildfire in Indonesis and Sri Lanka now – “New Zealand is piss-easy to get into.”

  • unsol

    ….And we voted overwhelmingly & emphatically NO.

    Yet surprise surprise that a NZ govt would ignore this obvious fact & continue to encourage the misconception that NZ is a money pit……..the land of the bludgers. Yeehaa. Definitely God’s own. NOT.

    Of course I have huge empathy for the circumstances behind the people seeking asylum, but common on world – why the heck does everyone have to come & bludge HERE? I know why, because we are the only suckers with a moral compass.

    We have just had a bloody earthquake so with this & the recession people who already live here are already struggling, how this escapes the thought process of JK or any PM (let’s be fair, they are all the same when it comes to sucking up to bigger countries) when entering these discussions is beyond me.

    Boat people, like the open door to the Cook Islands overwhelmingly do very little for this country except become a drain on resources in terms of welfare (including state houses) & contribute to an increase in crime because unlike their home countrys’ we dont condone things like domestic violence in any culture so encourage/brow beat their women into pressing charges (very hard work too by the way as some consider handling a beating – even when you lose your unborn baby as a result – as a sign of strength).

    Australians love to boast of their strong economic growth – so how about they build more bloody buildings & accommodate these people or tell them to go home or find another country to bludge off.

    I am sorry, but the world’s problems, the world’s civil wars & massive dysfunction are not ours.

    We are too small, too poor & already far too generous.

  • GregM

    Absolutely fucking NO.
    I have a genuine immigrant Somalian couple in my apartment building and they are great people. They are vastly different from the UN supplied ones mooching around the CBD, Mt Roskill etc.

    One guy that hangs around town has a couple of fairly obvious bullet wounds in his arms and legs, I bet you two bucks he was pointing an AK 47 at someone when he got those.

  • surfisup

    Maybe if for each boat person we accept that we can eject an undesirable .

  • spollyike

    What’s the problem? Australia already accepts 50,000 of our “boat” people (traitorous kiwis’) every year so i don’t see how we can complain about accepting 150 people from them. Hypocrites.

    • StupidDisqus

      RIght. More to the point – how long do you think Aussie would keep visa-free access for Kiwis if we said “no”. Hellen couldn’t say “no” to Howard, Key can’t say “no” to Gillard – but chances are Abbott will say “fuck off” to Key or Shearer whatever NZ does

      Let’s face facts: any real reform in NZ will lead to mass emigration, which will mean Australia will slam the door shut to Kiwis. Good thing too for Aussie – they should have done it years ago!

  • Tristanb

    I’m not as annoyed since it’s still set at 750, given it means fewer of the UN ones. The UN refugees are probably most bribes, knowing the corruptness of that organisation.

    I’d love to decrease it to 500/year total.


    If we are going to accept refugees from the middle east why not Christians fleeing from muslim oppression. I’m sure they would fit in, as shown by the many descendants of Christian Lebanese who have lived in and merged with our society since the early 1900’s. Compare this with the Muslim Lebanese “society” in Australia.
    BTW, I am not a Christian.

  • Lily

    Oz doesn’t want them, wonder why. Lucky there’s heaps of housing and jobs for them to come to, again thanks to gutless John Key. NOT!