Poor old John Drinnan, even he succumbs to Herald Bombs

John Drinnan is usually “a decent journalist, trained and skilled”, unfortunately though the dreaded Herald bomb curse has befallen him in his article about Julie Christie:


Another Herald Bomb

Unfortunately for Drinnan, Julie Christie actually founded Touchdown Television.

Touchstone is both a US Television company (Touchstone Television founded by  ABC Studios) and a production studio (Touchstone Pictures, a film banner of Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group)



I started this series as a bit of a joke, but really I think it has now become a bit of a documentary on the demise of a proud newspaper.

Things have gone dramatically wrong at NZ Herald. Surely heads will start rolling soon.


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  • Lion_ess

    At this rate, all that’s going to be left of this rag is Births, Deaths & Marriages/Apologies & Corrections.

    • Dr Wang

      Lioness – I did see the Herald use the term “clarifications” when trying to apologise and correct one of their cock-ups from a previous issue…desperately scrambling to maintain some degree of credibility!

      • Lion_ess

        Ah, yes, I see in APN’s Code of Ethics they do refer to clarifying misleading reporting also.
        We will strive at all times to be accurate.
        We will promptly correct errors and clarify misleading reporting. Where appropriate, an apology will be published.

  • blokeintakapuna

    I wonder what Wilson & Horton would say about this lot?

  • jonno1

    “Golf: Wie offers no advice to Ko on turning pro”. Now corrected, but this headline and the first para both spelt “advice” as “advise” originally. Yesterday there was an article on Kim Dotcom that had “(SUBS TICK)” after the name “David Boldt” – presumably requesting a spell check. Still there as I write.

  • paul

    Don’t you think your ire should be directed to the junior staff member who types up the web pages? But that wouldn’t fit with your narative, eh

    • One would presume that any articles published to the website would go through some form of approval process.

    • Lion_ess

      Where does accountability for a newspaper lie again? Oh that’s right, the junior staff members. It’s looking that that may be the case at The Herald.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    When I die the Horrid will probably spell my name wrong. How hard can that be?
    Let’s have a look at all of the Herald writers, jounalists, photgraphers, researchers etc and see how they fare in their education, which school/college/uni/polytech/training classes.
    Great big tin or worms there