Pope Wars: Episode V – The Vatican Strikes Back

via CNN

via CNN

Two days a go I ran a story on Cardinal Keith O’Brien, who has his own ideas of Marriage Equality:  He wants priests to be able to marry.

Well, the Catholic Church doesn’t appreciate free thinking Cardinals, and the smear campaign has started.  

Scotland’s Roman Catholic archbishop is contesting accusations of “inappropriate behavior” with priests, claims leveled as Cardinal Keith O’Brien prepares to join the conclave that will choose a new pope.

British newspaper The Observer reported Sunday that three priests and one former priest have leveled allegations against O’Brien that date back 30 years. The Observer did not recount details of the claims or identify any of O’Brien’s accusers, but said one of the priests alleged “that the cardinal developed an inappropriate relationship with him.”

O’Brien did not attend Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh on Sunday, but the Scottish Catholic Media Office told CNN that the cardinal “contests these claims and is taking legal advice.”

If O’Brien is a gay priest, then it appears he’s at least limited his activities to other consenting adults.  Unless the true dirt is still to come, I guess.

The accusations against O’Brien follow a buzz in Italian media about claims that gay clergy may have made themselves vulnerable to blackmail by male prostitutes, setting off speculation that a brewing scandal may have triggered Benedict’s resignation.

The Vatican vehemently denied the allegations Saturday, with Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone criticizing a rash of “often unverified, unverifiable or completely false news stories” as the cardinals prepare for their conclave.

It’s just a big mess, really.

Why is it that those that are the loudest advocates against something frequently reveal themselves to be one of the offenders themselves.  Graham Capill is a good example of this.


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  • Ronnie Chow

    “In an emotional goodbye to 100,000 supporters, the Pope revealed that he is stepping aside because God told him to.”

    In a voice raw with emotion, Benedict XVI told tens of thousands of pilgrims in St Peter’s Square that he was resigning because God had called on him to devote himself to prayer. He said God had told him ‘to climb the mountain’

    Now , excuse me for being cynical , but the pope’s “message from god” line is bullshit .

    There has never been a proven “message” from god , only claims thereof . Most often from the deranged , mentally disturbed and our own Bishop Tamaki .

    • ConwayCaptain

      Brian has had a Road to Damascus Conversion. He is now a Catholic and has had immediate promotion to Cardinal. He and Hannah are flying to Rome so he can be elected Pope. Hannah will now take over a;ll Catholic Women;’s Organistaion WORLD WIDE.

      • The ca n be the WORLD’S mother then!

      • Rodger T

        Not satisfied with being Pope,Brian will declare himself GOD at the enclave.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Remake of the Borgias and Medicis!!!!!
    As the Catholic Church runs several hundered years behind averyone else they dont know how to deal with the internet, Facebook, Twitter etc etc. Now the whole shonky edifice of gossiping Cardinals and an all enveloping mantra od secrecy will come crashing around their ears.

    • Mitch82

      “What do you mean, the Internet gets to see everything we write?!”

  • cows4me

    Unfortunately the church has been losing the plot for years, they lost me. If the church turns all gay then all bets are off. The church is suppose to be built upon a rock, they may need stilts, it looks like the rock is sinking into a swamp.

  • sandynobb

    There ARE married priests in the RC Church – former Anglican married priests who were ordained in the RC Church after defecting from the Anglican or Episcopalian Church (but they cannot become bishops). It is called the Anglican ordinariate.