PPTA seems a bit confused about the benefits of registration

Post Primary Teachers' Association

Post Primary Teachers’ Association protecting pedos?

The PPTA has stated an opposition to Charter Schools, or partnership schools as they are now called.

Their major point of argument seems to be over the exemption of these schools from teacher registration processes currently managed and operated by the Teachers’ Council.

The PPTA says that failure to have teacher registered exposes children to undue risk. Of course this blog has highlighted numerous cases of currently registered teachers molesting and abusing child or even hiring gang members to put a hit on the principal.

So I was a little surprised to see in their submission on partnership schools clause 3.3.2

3.3.2 It is no surprise that that this proposal has been so widely panned. Observing how criminals and paedophiles are able to evade the current monitoring regime, parents will quite rightly wonder what logic entertains the conclusion that their children will be safer if the registration protections are stripped out entirely.

That is more than a little confused. What exactly are they trying to say? That they oppose these schools because their system fails and so they think that whatever system may or may not be used will fail worse?

The Teachers’ Council is where the failure is. The fact that they have created super suppression rules for themselves is indicator enough that the current system is broken.

Opposing a new schooling system on the basis that the one they are part and parcel of is broken is bizarre. But then again these teacher unions are all about patch protection and nothing at all about what is best for kids. If they were then instead of parroting that New Zealand has the best education system in the world despite failing 20% of children they would be fixing it. The all oppose anything any government ever wants to do to the system.

When the PPTa the NZEI, the NZPF and the Teachers’ Council all start doing something about scum pedo teachers and criminals in the system then perhaps they might have something relevant to say.

In the case of the Far nOrth deputy principal the NZEI actually ran interference on his behalf to protect him while he molested numerous children.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    And these collectively “brilliant” minds are the ones that teach the future of NZ?

    Definitely time to bring in Charter schools… And legislate the unions into a form of State Treason and sedition to match the behaviours they so often demonstrate for the TV cameras.

    Pathetic patch protection at its worst.

    Why does NZInc need such hand brakes on productivity and attempts at continuous improvement?

  • StupidDiscus

    The Teachers’ Council is where the failure is.

    No it’s not – they do the best with what they are given.

    When the PPTa the NZEI, the NZPF

    There’s the problem. Get rid of them and the problems go away. Keep them, elect them (in the form of their political wings, the Labour and Green parties), tolerate them, or even expect them to “start doing something” about NZ’s openly communist state education system — that’s naïve in the extreme.