Pranks done right

Now that’s being the nice kind of assholes.  Well done.


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  • Mark

    Like it

  • thats great

  • Troy

    Fantastic! Can’t ever see the Labour goats doing that for non-union members.

  • Jman

    It’s taking advantage of the good nature of a small business owner who wants to give a free meal to hard working undercover cops, not useless layabout hobos.

    • Sponge

      Free? He have his credit card details you knob.

      • Bunswalla

        No he didn’t, knob-end. Watch it again and pay attention this time

        • Sponge

          I am not convinced but you may be right. Bell End (insult only for the sake of it as I may be wrong).

          • Jman

            Duh the whole point of the prank was to get the hobos a free feed. If he paid for it, its not much of a prank. Jeez some people are thick.