Press Release: WOBH considering free Maori webmail service


No, of course I’m not considering that.

But offering narrow 2nd level domain names does open up all sorts of ways of mischief.  We’ve seen people register <mypetcause>, etc, all over the world.

Mind you, if someone did register, you can bet your bottom dollar that the following addresses would end up very popular:



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  • Andy

    I’m a bit of a domain geek. better get in early before I do

  • Mr_V4

    Are you prepared to pay the brownmail (or should that be brownemail) fee for the domain

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Well they own 3G and want 4G because it was their’s to start with, so why not this too. So long as the only use conche shells to connect.

    • williamabong

      A Maori bloke in Taranaki has dug up his backyard and found nothing, so now they are going to claim wireless.

  • Steve R

    I herd Willi Jackson on the radio today saying that pakeha wanted 4g all to ourselves so the govt wasn’t going to give it to Maori. But it’s for all New Zealanders the racist fuckwit.

    • P1LL

      I think it goes something like this..
      You discover it then we will claim it !

    • Mr_V4

      That’s all Willie is capable of saying ” you pakehas want it all for yourselves”.
      He is stuck on repeat.

    • williamabong

      Apart from turning fresh air into noise I can’t think of any other thing that Willie Jerkoff has ever accomplished.
      Just another trouble maker standing in the way of a united NZ.