Prostitutes offer free sex if national team wins

xlargeJust because it’s free, doesn’t mean I want it.  But that doesn’t stop The Association of Nigerian Prostitutes from offering a great deal to those who are soccer fans as well as clients:

The Association of Nigerian Prostitutes (ANP) has congratulated the Super Eagles of Nigeria for moving on to the quarter finals stage of the Orange African Cup of Nations, South Africa 2013, urging them to go for gold.  

The ANP, in a statement issued through its national secretary, Jessica Elvis, urged the national team to make the country proud by moving on to the finals and returning with the trophy.

“We want to congratulate the Nigerian national team, the Super Eagles, for qualifying for the next round of the competition.

We want to assure them of our usual support and partnership, we want them to bring back our lost glory in football.

Jessica added that the association would declare one week of free sex if the Eagles win the trophy.

“To show our support for the national team, we’ll be declaring one week free sex if the Super Eagles can win the trophy,” she added. Investigation revealed some members of the association are in South Africa ‘supporting’ the national team.

Ryan Bailey comments

It’s not clear who would be entitled to the free sex (just the players? anybody in Nigeria with ten minutes to spare?) or if there are any restrictions (one free lovemaking session per customer per day?  Offer only valid with orders over $50?), but don’t be surprised if Cristiano Ronaldo announces a seven-day African sabbatical on Sunday.


Source: Ynaija, Yahoo Sport


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  • johnbronkhorst

    Is this a prize worth having? Isn’t Nigeria the AIDS capital of Africa?

  • ConwayCaptain

    ASnd a dose of aids, Syph, Gons Chlamidia etc etc

  • Bunswalla

    Item’s just a little out of date, but appropriately enough, Nigeria did in fact win the African Nations Cup this morning, beating Burkina Faso 1-0 in the final.

    Time to bend over, ladies.

  • starboard

    ” 10 minutes to spare “…sheesh, I only want a root..

  • unsol

    This is a really sad article – sad that women do this, sad that some feel they have to & sad that there have always been & will always will be men who want it.

    • starboard

      worlds oldest profession .. don’t be such a prude

      • unsol

        Funny you say that; prostitution isnt limited to the heteros – never bas been.

        Also interesting you acknowledge something that has only recently become legal in NZ yet don’t offer the same generosity in liberal thinking to the LGBT.

        What you call prude I call advocating self respect & respect generally for the intimacy that sex is meant to encourage.

        Clearly you have had to pay for sex & no doubt you are a fan of porn too.

        Awesome – what a catch eh. I suggest you change your name to dingy as starboard indicates a class well above your station.

  • Ronnie Chow

    Now there’s something for Gareth Morgan and the Phoenix .

  • blam

    that news is about 4 days old