PSA Annual Accounts and Tweeting – Observation by the Owl

PSA fail to file Annual Accounts but has time to send 2,526 tweets – Observation by the Owl

As of 31st January 2013 the PSA have failed to file their annual accounts. For such a large organisation this is disappointing. The Annual conference was in September 2012 which meant the AGM accepted the accounts.

Observation by the Owl

PSA leader Brenda Pilott has sent 2,526 tweets (Brenda Pilott @PSAsecretary) and yet can’t find 10 minutes filing annual returns.

Let’s look at workplace productivity.

Let’s say each tweet takes 5 minutes. (Log on, type, review and respond). That is 12,630 minutes or 210.5 hours or 5.263 working days.

A working weeks worth of tweeting – not to mention all the recipients who get interrupted. No wonder we have productivity issues in NZ


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  • Michael

    “Let’s say each tweet takes 5 minutes. (Log on, type, review and
    respond). That is 12,630 minutes or 210.5 hours or 5.263 working days”

    5.263 weeks, not days :)

    • BJ

      I wonder how much she gets paid for 210.5 hrs of non productive tweeting?

    • Guest2

      it is a hell of alot regardless- image a normal person at work spending that much time

      • blokeintakapuna

        they’d either be self-unemployed… or unemployed.

  • Guest2

    5 more tweets since 9am this morning

    Owl try 20 minutes a tweet – research, thought process, sit back and wait for responses

  • Guest2

    She has 615 followers out of 50,000 members – its not even an argument for mass communication – this is personal business on company time

  • Owl

    wonder if she will tweet all her members when she has filed their annual accounts? I mean she has spent the morning tweeting about a kumara parade…very productive day for the PSA members

    • blokeintakapuna

      Totally agree… I wonder who pays her wages? Hope it’s not the tax payer… again!

      • Owl

        will we do – see the PSA members are public servants and their fees are deducted to pay the PSA for her to tweet all day…brilliant

  • Owl

    So here are the issues in Wellington today – Mainzeal University of Victoria project locked out as receivers move in and unemployment in Wellington highest in 18 years (but rest NZ declining).

    She is a member of the University Board, and the biggest employer in Wellington is Public Servants and here she is sending tweets about kumara parades and been in dialogue since 9am with her fellow tweeters.

    So multi-million dollar project in jepordy which she would of signed off as a Board member and more PSA members unemployed. But there is going to be one great kumara parade

    • Guest2

      9 tweets today so that’s an hour and half unions members have paid for her 100k plus salary. So what did she talk about today.
      Kumara parades, IT contracts, main zeal, manufacturing crisis …..yep only thing not on her tweets today is a preview of the phoenix game. But Owl you f..u.. She got 5 new followers today thanks to your post means less productivity for union members.
      Still need to see if she get off her throne and file her unions accounts. Because if not I am going to write to the registrar…oops no I will tweet him
      Helen Kelly been really quiet lately

  • Dave

    Suggest all readers send her a tweet asking when she will file the return and asking fir a response as to why it is so late. Maybe a few of her followers will get the message as well!!

    • Hazards001

      WTF is a tweet?

      • Lopsy

        One the the most ingenious time wasting mental wanks ever devised…

  • SJ00

    They do say you need to be a twit to post on twitter regularly…
    I like the idea from Dave, put the request to file the accounts out in the public domain via twitter.. put the hard questions on behalf of the PSA members she represents.
    I bet most of her followers on twitter would be people like Owl and WO who are out there to catch and repost her idiotic tweets.

    • Guest2

      Fantastic idea.

  • StupidDisqus

    Time for NZ to follow Chris Christie’s very popular lead – and outlaw unions and strikes in the public service. PSA NZEI PPTA TEU NZPFU: etc – all gone.

  • brattus

    Have a look at PSA Rules ( On website) Page 34 Part 15 section 7 they have breached their rules

  • Guest2

    Just one tweet today about unemployment fiqures – could go up by one if she is being pulled over the coals by here executive Board for spending too much time on social media websites and not working.