Radio Live at 1400

I am on Radio live with Willie, JT and Matt McCarten today at 1400.

Replacing Corporate Whore Matthew Hooton.

Tune in, or better yet call in.



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  • maninblack

    get stuck into ma ma ma ma ma matt

    • blazer

      grow up.

  • GregM

    What’s the topic?
    And be nice to Mr Mc Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarten.

  • GregM

    Thanks for taking my call Cam, I enjoyed that.

  • worksux

    I heard you WO, Thought to my self, Holy fuck, coddington has turned into a complete treacherous lefty and you are greasing so far up Jacksons arsehole that you might as well joined coddington.

  • Jackson calling you and Coddington “beneficiary bashers” at the start of the hour was vaguely amusing. By 2.30pm it had become repetitive, and I had to turn the live stream off at 2.45 as it had become nauseating. If Jackson is the best cheerleader that the Left can come up with, John Key must sleep well at night.

    • Oh come on…I smashed it didn’t stick around for the full hour of mayhem…even Cactus listened in from Boston, I hear she even turned down a root to listen

      • True; you did. Well; when Willie wasn’t trying to talk over the top of you, at least.