Random Impertinent Questions

Do you reckon Labour wanted Kelvin Davis or Carol Beaumont to come back to Parliament ?

Did Carol tell the leadership to ‘shove it’?

Has Labour hung Shane Jones out to dry?  The strident criticism of the Sky City report must mean Labour’s confident their dealings with Bill Liu are squeaky clean (either confident or shortsighted and stupid) – because there have already been reports that it’s not ‘black and white’.

If Shearer is against the Sky City deal and Chris Hipkins is for it, then what is Labour’s actual position?


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Labours position is “conflicted hypocrisy backed up by arrogant incompetence and rampant corruption demonstrated again and again”

    … And that’s just their caucus…

  • In Vino Veritas

    Of course Shearer is against the Sky City deal. And so will most of Labour be. Commercial aptitude isn’t a requirement for Labour. Just have a look at the number of Labour unionists who sit in parliament. None of them have a commercial bone in their body, else they wouldn’t be unionists. The chances of them ever stitching a deal together like the Sky City deal are zero. (it wouldn’t have even crossed their mind).
    And on that note, the Greens and Labour will have a lot to answer for when the first few years of the convention centre falls flat due to the uncertainty created now by them. Morons all. Turei should have stuck to the McGillycuddy Serious Party, she’d found her niche.

    • blazer

      ”In September 2010, the casino put forward a list of changes to the law it wanted. It also said it wanted the Government to buy land from TVNZ to accommodate a large design for the centre.'(NZH)Another large donor to the Natz….just change the law would you….good chap!

      • Dan

        “Commercial backslaptitude”

      • In Vino Veritas

        So blazer, its OK for Unions to use money in a way many of their members would rather not have it used – donations to Labour, its OK to stack a political party with unionists so the Unions can bend policies to suit themselves, but it’s not OK for a corporate to donate to the National Party? Good one. Hypocrisy is alive and well in your world. The only thing that really annoys people like you is the fact that Unionism is dieing, donations to the left are dwindling, and donations to the right are going up. Ergo, Labour have no money and National have lots. Funny that. The productive get to donate plenty, the non-productive have, oh, thats right, bugger all.

        • blazer

          where do I say its not o.k to donate to a political party?The statement was from the NZH….my comment is my opinion about changing the law.You see I and probably many others are quite naieve.Law….and order!

      • Fred

        They also donated to labour

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    You Tories must know by now Chippie Chips has more voice than Sheep. I think the SKY CITY report will diminish Emperor’s popularity. The latest Fairfax poll is a proof of this happening already.