Refreshing honesty from a “decent journalist, trained and skilled”

Yesterday David Farrar blogged about Brian Rudman and his refreshing honesty in the Herald yesterday. Rudman should be commended as a “decent journalist, trained and skilled” for not banging on about his theatre or subsidies for the arts, instead he told us the truth, something we have all long suspected.

Despite the best efforts of Opposition politicians, single-issue campaigners and me and my colleagues in the media, most Kiwis seem resolutely unconvinced that this country is heading for hell in a handcart.

Farrar notes:

[H]is inclusion of  his colleagues in the media speaks volumes.

They see their role to convince New Zealanders that their country is fucked, with the implication being unless of course they change the Government.

Will the NZ Herald let Rudman’s comments stand that the role of his media colleagues has been to use their best efforts convince people the country is damned? 

My pick is that they will let it stand. The Herald especially has run campaign after campaign against the government. They have made it clear where they stand through their editorial stance…and now Brian Rudman has written in black and white…The Herald and other media and journalists are actually performing the role of the opposition and they are getting frustrated that their best efforts aren;t hurting National more.

Witness the false news, tweets and radio intros yesterday over the news the Maori Council copped one in the chook. The tweets are astonishing ..the raw emotion of journalists and their bias laid bare for all to see.

This is one of the greatest thing about Twitter and social media, the media have outed their bias themselves. Now with Rudman’s admission they can no longer pretend to work for newspapers of record, they are working for party political tabloids.

I leave you with this fromt he General Debate yesterday:


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  • Gazzaw

    It’s not only the journalists are biassed at the Horrid. I am constantly amazed at the readers’ replies to Opinion columns. The first couple of pages of comments are invariably tilted at the Government regardless of what the subject is. JK (or Donkey or Shonkey as the lefties persist to the point of utter boredom in calling the PM) is blamed for everything be it gambling (linked instantly to Sky City), tourism (where’s the cycle trail?), power prices (blame asset sales) etc etc. The writers are invariably the same and I often wonder whether they are in fact labour MPs’ staffers funded by you & me. At the very least the comments are orchestrated and I suspect selected from within the Horrid itself.

    Rudman’s statements have at last let some sunlight into the Horrid’s bias. It has become increasingly apparent since the Government came to power in 2008. Well done Brian, very gutsy. Are you contemplating early retirement or just being sent to coventry by your colleagues?

    • Agent BallSack

      Notably Gandalf. He should be banned from writing anything anywhere.

      • Patrick

        I always assumed he was the Editor.

        • parorchestia

          Labour have a letter writing brigade.

          • AnonWgtn

            You are right – and the Greenpeace party.
            What always amuses me it the the politically biased letters to the Herald nearly all come from the same people, and have done so for years. I could almost list them. I usually look at the writer name and address before I bother to read.

  • TeacherUnionsRscum

    I laughed when it was implied anyone reads the Herald

  • I’ve got no problem with the Herald, or any media, having a bias. The only problem is when they publicly deny this bias and pretend to be balanced and fair. This blog isn’t balanced and fair. NBR isn’t balanced and fair. Campbell Live isn’t balanced and fair. So why the NZ Herald is still trying to be so precious as to try and convince people they don’t favour one political solution over another is simply not credible.

    “Despite the best efforts of … me and my colleagues in the media” really does speak volumes.

    • Agent BallSack

      He did a Paul Henry. He’s only saying what we’ve known for years.

  • Agent BallSack

    I think the difference between right and left is pretty simple to explain – To the right/central wing, politics is a side distraction to the reality of everyday life, to the left wing its a cause to be defended with your last shriek.

    • parorchestia

      No, the right-central thought is to allow freedom to people to live fruitful, rewarding and decent lives, observing the “Rights of Man”. So, little action by government, other than writing good laws, is held to be a good government according to this view. Such governments allow the people to have maximum freedom and let the market sort things out, as it always does in the end – witness Soviet Russia.The left, on the other hand are ideologues, so become oppressive autocracies where the few know what is best for all. Witness Soviet Russia again, Cuba, Nazi Germany, ….

  • parorchestia

    Great speech. Labour or any opposition has to do two things: 1, hold the government to account by asking pertinent, intelligent and well-researched questions. 2, present credible alternatives to the policies of the government so that the voters know what they plan to do if and when they become government. This opposition is the weakest I have ever seen at doing No. 1, and they have no No.2s (no childish allusions, please) to speak of. Balance needs masses at both ends of the spectrum and there isn’t one at the left end. So, no wonder the attacks by doctrinaire lefties are failing so badly and no wonder there is little balance.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      I’d say most of the front bench are giant number 2’s :)

      Couldn’t resist.

      I think the public see through the left as disagreeing on everything just because. It’s nice for a change when you see the parties working together, like with the Gay Marriage laws and others.

      I think to get more votes they should be seen as being able to compromise and work for the greater NZ, not just to fight like schoolgirls over who has a crush on who.

      Same goes for National too, but it is good to see National letting Labours mistakes slide a little – there is so much things Jacinda and co have said which they could have used for cheap gain.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Take it and stick it you Duncan Puff Pastry Leftie Garner…..