Richard Prosser’s top tips for flying

Scott at Imperator Fish has had the creative juices flowing again, and penned a nice one.  Scott Yorke is perhaps the best left wing blogger in the country right now.

Guest columnist Richard Prosser has some great ideas on how to make your flight a more enjoyable and comfortable experience

Always carry a knife: You never know when one of those stone-age religion types might decide to sit next to you.

Take a good book. You need something to while away the hours, and nothing beats a good read.

Anything will do, provided it isn’t one of them learning books.

Sit near the back: The terrorists always take the front seats, because the only way they can hijack the plane is to storm the cockpit. You’re better off staying well to the rear, where you can organise countermeasures quietly and without being noticed.

If the terrorists do manage to take the plane down, you’re more likely to survive if you’re sitting at the back.


That’s all I’m going to give you, head over to Scott’s blog and read the rest.


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