RMTU Thug, Howard Phillips, wants conservatives to stand quietly against the wall when they are a shot

Howard Philips is an official (Vice President) of the Rail and Maritime Transport Union and a clippie on the Wellington Trains.


Howard Phillips: RMTU – Union Thug suggest conservative be shot against the wall


So you know what he looks like…this is Howard Phillips (sourced from RMTU publication) I wonder what their President Wayne Butson thinks of his Vice President wanting to shoot conservative against a wall.

Howard Phillips: RMTU - Union Thug

Howard Phillips: RMTU – Union Thug



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  • The fact that this study cites David Cameron as a Conservative shows what bullshit it really is.

    They clearly have as much idea on the issue of Conservatism as Whale Oil and David Farrar, and that’s sweet fuck all.

    Cameron is a betrayer of Conservatives. As is John Key and as are most NZ National Party and US Republican and UK Conservative party MPs.

    I wouldn’t shoot them like Howard Philips might, but its clearly time to dump the lot of the cowards and backsliders.

    • Vlad

      Redbaiter, I’ve got to say you crack me up. Now I do agree about Cameron, who is weak as gnat’s piss, mostly, but not exclusively, by his toadying to the LibDem loons who currently keep him tottering in power. But gimme a break, to accuse WO and even the pinkish-blue Farrar (is he purple) or the US Republicans as being non-conservative is a bit of a stretch.

    • Cadwallader

      Have a cold shower.

    • Ronnie Chow

      By your definition , Redbaiter , REAL Conservatives are rarer than straight Catholic Priests .
      Wouldn’t that make them , and you , irrelevant ?

  • Mr_V4

    So your telling me this man is so intelligent he clips train tickets? A job that in places with a proper train network is redundant because of automated barrier gates.
    Time to put this fat prick out to pasture. As a bonus it looks like more space will be freed up on the trains as his lard arse is not required.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    What a charming chap. Clearly our eduction system was wasted on that ticket clipper. I have a question though, once we are all shot against the wall, who will pay for solialism? Atlas did indeed shrug at that one.

    • blokeintakapuna

      The Greens will print as much as you need…

  • Dion

    So he wants to execute people because they have a different view from him on the size of the government – and has earned himself two ‘likes’.

    The thing I love about the left is that they’re so caring.

  • Orange

    I will never forget my visit to Poland. You hear that Howard? Never.

  • Cadwallader

    Looks fat sour and life defeated: LOSER!!!

  • Mostly_Harmless

    Remember people, it’s right-wingers who are the fascists.

  • Big Bruv

    Hang on a moment. This idea has some merit. If this union scumbag wants to shoot the odd Conservative then that must mean we can line up all the long term dole bludgers and DPB slappers against the wall and shoot them.

  • J.M

    Haven’t seen this chap on the trains down here at all. Not sure though what it is about that job, a lot of the clippies have been doing that same job for years.