Saturday General Debate

Well, what to talk about?  The loss of Sir Paul Holmes is still pretty raw, just over a day later.  A bit of an institution that man.  Strap yourself in for a week or two of Novopay all over the media as it appears the paperwork released yesterday contains enough to fuel 1,000 David Fishers into a frothy anti-government frenzy.

One million

The blog had it’s own win yesterday, with the Open Parachute monthly blog figures showing Whaleoil at the top experiencing strong growth in all its figures with former top blogs stagnating (Kiwiblog) or even going backwards (The Standard).

But the Saturday Debate is your chance to bring up topics we may have missed or are close to your heart.  Let ‘er rip.



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  • Pete George

    Is it fair to parody Shearer? Is it possible? Happy New Year.

    Shearer Says parody.

  • on Friday i heard that ding batt wendyl nissan say on the radio to mike Hosking:

    “this country doesnt HAVE a welfare system anymore”.

    She didnt say that it was failing or unfair or corrupt or anything that implied that is was broken, she just said that zealzealand doesnt have one. on national radio and she was not challenged and it really really pissed me off and made me want to track her down and slap her face verbally. there.


    • If we don’t have a Welfare System anymore, can we stop paying for it now?

      • pukakidon

        good tax cuts in the wind then.

    • GregM

      Yep I heard that too.
      I would like to ask the 339,000 people receiving a main benefit as at December 2012 for our money back, since we don’t have welfare anymore.
      The woman is a fucking dingbat.

      • Gazzaw

        Yup, she should stick to concocting window cleaning fluid and floor polish out of dried cowshit or horsepiss or whatever it is she does in the People Republic of Grey Lynn. I know she doesn’t keep chooks anymore since an obviously pissed off neighbour let their Jack Russell loose.

        • pukakidon

          She is another self absorbed greenie, who recycles old news papers to wipe her big fat arse

          • starboard

            ..and no doubt composts her own excrement..

          • Tom

            If she did any of these things I would be amazed. Ten bucks says it’s triple ply and glad wrap for africa…..

  • unitedtribes

    Yesterday we had a visit from a guy from ACC who announced he was here because the resource consent for the new house we built two years ago needed to be signed off. OK go ahead. He stood out front on the lawn and ponced away about what a cool house it was announced he only needed to look at its overall appearance, got in his car and was off.
    Didn’t check weather it was built in the correct spot, If it had the right amount of bedrooms, If we had cut any trees down. Absolutely nothing. So how come they drove us nutty, and broke getting it in the first place.

    • pukakidon

      This is the same over paid fools who gave consents to build the Christchurch houses in a swamp and the ponces that signed off leaky homes in Auckland. Nothing has changed.

  • Lion_ess

    Gareth Morgan has a make-over and it’s a big improvement too.

    • Gazzaw

      He was probably at the Sevens to sign up some footy talent from Portugal or Spain just to help out Mark Hammett.

      • Morrissey

        “Footy” talent? Can’t you spell “football”?

  • thor42

    I’d like to comment on the bizarre fact that basketball in this country gets zero funding (for the national body), while sports like cricket and bowls get lots.

    Not only do the Tall Blacks do us proud on the world stage, but our youth “3-on-3” team *won* the world youth champs a year or so ago.

    Basketball is a genuine world sport, while cricket and bowls are pretty much Commonwealth sports.

    No NZ team tries harder on the world stage than the Tall Blacks. Basketball is on a real high in the country at present, as can be seen with the Breakers’ continued success (now ten wins in a row in the ANBL!).

    Apparently, the reason that High-Performance Sport axed the basketball funding was that “basketball was not a prospect for a medal at world champ or Olympic Games level”. Given that the Tall Blacks came 4th in the world champs in 2002 (and the “3-on-3” team won their world youth champs, this reason rings rather hollow.

    We have an **excellent** group of young basketball players coming up now, like Steven Adams and Isaac Fotu. It’s time that the sports funding body were aware of this and gave basketball the support that it deserves.

    • Travis Poulson

      NZ Cricket is to be given a handout of over 2mil over the next 3 years to try and pull themselves out of the cellar and become more competitive in the long term by improving the development of coaches and the A programme.

      Can’t see it working.

      • thor42

        I agree, Travis. I *love* the way that our basketballers are so gutsy, and they back down to no-one.

      • Cadwallader

        Otago currently has the best provincial cricket team in NZ. It has improved since Hessen ceased to coach it.

  • niggly
  • That Novopay has gone SNAFU because of the anti developer attitude in the high levels of the ministries. It’s well known that it is arse to contact to the government, particularly ACC and MIn Ed. If the contracts were awarded to New Zealand companies we would still have the squabbles but better smarts to work through them and we wouldn’t be sending money offshore to put into training the Wallabies to thrash us.

    • Liberty

      Labour have been hysterical over asset sales and yet they paid $30million for a payroll system from a overseas country that is a total Lemon. Why didn’t they buy local.?
      After all they wanted the Government to build trains in NZ to replace the other billion dollar Lemon. Cullens train set.
      They really are devoid of reality in the real world. Still what else can you expect from a pack of has- beens made up from Ex teachers, Lawyers and union reps.

      • Rodger T

        Why didn’t they buy local.?

        Probably cos` local companies can`t afford the cash backhanders the corrupt cunts in govt want.

  • fozzie2

    Gee I didn’t know how close the the mark my cooment was – he is BOTH their boyfriend…

  • Pete George

    I’ve seen this suggested a few times, it’s something Greens seem keen on:

    High time to stop fucking around and introduce a universal
    social wage that people can freely choose to live on. An income we can
    augment by taking up worthwhile work if we want to.

    Like, extreme socialism has really worked well all over the world, hasn’t it.

    Universal social wage and choose to work?

    • Mostly_Harmless

      The idea of a universal basic income need not be socialist – Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman were both in favour of it. If it replaced all benefits and were combined with complete deregulation of the labour market, it could be a lot more efficient than the system we have now.

      • Pete George

        But Greens (and some in Labour) want a social wage, that is, one that is enough for anyone to comfortably live on without having to work.

        • Mostly_Harmless

          True – the concept as applied by the far-left would be appalling.

        • cows4me

          Shit I’ll be for that Pete but what might be comfortable for you might be slumming it for me. Do you think they might consider a very comfortable living wage? I could live with that. But Seriously these people are not the full quid.

    • Tom

      The fact that there’s a good possibility that these people are going to end up in charge really really really scares me..

  • Yoni

    If Trevor mallard gets dropped then Andrew little will be his natural idiotic replacement bitches about the reduction in long term acc then bitches that the minister did not reduce the levy

    Hypocritical that Trevor mallard would be proud of

  • blokeintakapuna

    I wonder if Shearer and Norman are actually hermaphrodites that went wrong …and they ended up with 2 x penis’s each as young teenagers – because surely they couldn’t have gotten that fucken’ stupid only playing with one?

    • Tom

      Haha I laughed so hard at that I very nearly had a wet fart

    • Patrick


  • cows4me

    What the substandard is going backwards, say it isn’t so, surely the purveyors of bullshit have more crap to inflect upon the blog sphere.