Saturday General Debate

That’s another week done.  Marriage Equality took a step forward in both France and England this week.  Iran used space to turn one monkey into another, and then revealed a stealth jet fighter made of plastic.  We took the (cat) piss out of Gareth Morgan and his Catmageddon campaign.  We farewelled Sir Paul, twice.  Waitangi Day was a reason to review what we think of the day, and the show up north.  We had a good post on trolls, and which to keep.  Not long after we lost a few, and things have been a lot better.  For a number of days we saw the rot that is the BSC, and it’s rotten leader  Patrick Lee-Lo.  ($1.8M in cash!)  Most recently we had a good laugh at Lucy Lawless’ expense.   So that’s the week that was.  What did we miss?  It’s your turn, in today’s General Debate.




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  • Butts_McButts

    Not to mention the impending third Korean nuclear detonation test. That will be the highlight (assuming it happens before the weekend is out) for me.

    • unitedtribes

      Is that one with or without monkeys

  • Mitch82

    I’m absolutely gutted that Botha didn’t ram SBW’s head clean up his own ass. Time for Money Bill to face Tua and end this WWF heel story line.

    • Steve R

      He wont because Pro Boxing is a crock of rigged bullshit . Dont forget that dipshits get tricked into paying sky extra for it .

    • unitedtribes

      Dose anyoneone know why the match was switched to 10 rounds, when and by whom? Sounds like a classic boxing fixup to me. I enjoyed the way Quad did the work. Like him or not he did the busines

      • Mitch82

        From what I read, Botha’s corner was told about it, but they couldn’t identify who told them. It apparently happened MID-FIGHT.

        I know there’s probably a few out there that’d like to get in the ring with SBW to try and make a name, but after this crap he needs to be laughed out of boxing for good.

        Hence why I think Tua needs to make his next ‘back from retirement’ fight the end of SBW’s career.

        • Gazzaw

          An absolute stitch-up. Professional fights at that level go 12 rounds unless there is a KO, TKO or an injury prevails. Thems the rules. Botha should have won on points.

          • Mitch82

            I haven’t watched the fight yet, but the bigger issue I keep reading isn’t the dodgy scorecard, it’s how Botha had SBW reeling before they called it a night.

        • unitedtribes

          So is the ref or anyone else aloud to change the number of rounds mid fight?

          • Gazzaw

            Nothing that can’t be fixed with a plain brown envelope.

          • Mitch82

            Hell no.

          • unitedtribes

            So heres the actual rule:
            E. CONTEST RULES
            1. Application. The Contest Rules apply to all bouts sanctioned by the Association.
            A boxer may be disqualified for failure to adhere to any Contest Rule. The Rules may be
            modified in certain respects for women bouts.
            2. Bout Duration. All sanctioned bouts shall be scheduled for twelve (12) rounds.
            Each round shall be scheduled for three (3) minutes duration with a one (1) minute rest between

            Apparently the bell rang to end the 10th 10 seconds early.
            another Oz stitch up for sure.

          • Mitch82

            Yup. It’ll either end up in a rematch, or Softcock Bill Williams walking away from it to keep his “undefeated*” record. Fucking sham, glad I didn’t pay for it on Sky.

            Now, the REALLY interesting part will come with the TAB and other agencies start weighing in.. this would have screwed over ALOT of bets.

          • unitedtribes

            From Phil Lutton Sydney: During the week, a number of leading bookmakers temporarily suspended betting on the Williams fight after a steady run of interest. Odds were tightened and markets reposted 24 hours later.

            On Friday, one bookmaker cancelled a special multibet involving the fight after some unusual activity.

            Read more:

          • Mitch82


            “NZ TAB head bookmaker Mark Stafford said his agency was stung by the early end to the fight.

            Stafford was unimpressed, saying it was the third time the TAB had been caught out by a Williams fight which didn’t go the full distance.

            Twice before, Williams had scheduled eight-round fights but they had stopped at six.”

            It’s getting really interesting now.

  • Steve R

    Dont forget the Barry Butterworh memorial race at Western Springs Speedway tonight haha

    • Dave

      Wish I could be there, Butterworth is a Legend.

      • Steve R

        Dont forget we wont have to many chances to see Speedway at The Springs left . Once the stadium swap starts and we get moved to Mt Smart it over .

  • Rodger T

    May I submit for Moderator approval, a list of acceptable insults, to be used on WOBH ?

    Thou mammering boil-brained fustilarians.

    • Hazards001

      Thou artless doghearted flap dragon…lmao…where is meg anyway?

    • GregM

      Awesome Rodger.
      “Goatish fen-sucked horn beast” = H1.

      • What about one for our little homophobic commenter dotcom

        • Rodger T

          Try, Thou droning bat-fowling bum-bailey.

        • GregM

          Oh you mean our resident ” be slubbering clapper clawed clotpole” ?
          I reckon he takes it up the gunga din and is in massive denial.

  • Phar Lap

    Just could not believe such gall from Helen Kelly, from the Kelly gang ,masquerading as a union known as the CTU.She wants the whole nine yards of the Warner brothers agreement released ,so she can make much political and union propaganda out of it.Seems now is a good time to do a tit for tat deal.Helen Kelly from her trade union gang should at last reveal ,just how much she creams off her members,as well as all the so called confidential correspondence ,she was involved in when her lot and ilk held the good people of Auckland to ransom ,on the still going on Auckland waterfront dispute.

    • Patrick

      Why or why are the authorities not investigating the union funding & especially the links to NZ Labour Party?

  • Random66

    To introduce a different subject altogether, should we be ok with the governments indication that they may bail out the subcontractors affected by Mainzeal’s collapse in Christchurch, effectively costing the tax payer twice as Mainzeal was paid and kept the money received from CERA? It hardly seems fair on all the other subcontractors affected nationwide who more than likely won’t see a cent. Also if the government wades in on this one and does pay out subs, does this set a precedent that should any future construction company go under the subs can expect to be paid by the government?

    • Pissedoffyouth

      Badly run a company knowing that if you mess up the government will bail you out?

      • Random66

        I know crazy, right? I just think it is wrong that the govt. appears to be taking this tone when discussing Christchurch’s subs. The bottom line appears to be let nothing get in the way of the re-build. What about the Auckland Council, I heard they are now having to pick up Mainzeal’s share of the cost to fix the leaky building saga. I wonder where that money will come from- the Auckland rate payer or the government? Probably not the government. After a long and protracted legal challenge Mainzeal was held accountable for their role in the leaking buildings, you have to wonder now at the timing of Yan’s decision to shut shop especially in light of the company restructuring that took place last year.

  • starboard

    …cartoons on the money..

  • cows4me

    I was wondering for a while now if anyone had heard of Triffin’s dilemma ? Given the worlds rush to print money it looks like he was right.