Saturday General Debate

via Imgur

via Imgur

A week dominated by a number of issues.  Wogistan, the Pope, “Living” Wage, 7pm “news” wars, it had it all.  But you may have been waiting to bring up your own topic, so here it is.  Go for broke.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    Once again we have a thug who had numerous violent offences against his name killing and innicent person on the street. 12 and a half years hebgets. Should be life.
    When are these judges going to get some cojones

    • unitedtribes

      Just asked google this. Best answer

      The Creator of Men designed the intellect to serve particular functions within assigned jurisdictions of life. Some problems must be solved through the abstract intellect. Other problems must not be solved through the intellect, or through a sole reliance upon the intellect. When the mind dominates one’s whole life, one will become an eccentric. He will try to solve non-intellectual problems intellectually. High school students call such people “nerds,” or “geeks.” The nerd has finesse in a chess game, but is clumsy in a social setting.

      An eccentric has overly developed some faculties and underdeveloped other faculties of his nature. His lopsided nature shows through in queer idiosyncracies. It is no accident that many intellectuals are eccentric. But eccentricity is not necessarily a pathology. A pathology develops when abstract theory trumps reality. A neurotic displacement from reality and a destructive pseudo-wisdom is the result. Pseudo-wisdom combined with power is very dangerous. As a handy shorthand designation, I shall call men of power with pseudo-wisdom “theory kings.”

      • starboard

        WTF ?

    • blokeintakapuna

      Ship them off to China for their prison terms I say. No parole. 12 hour days, 7 days a week hard physical labour. Plain rice and water only. No smoking. No luxuries only attitude readjustment classes.

      If we can’t give their necks a long stretch, at least give them human scum a long stretch in a cold, unwelcome, isolated prison so they learn the real meaning of ‘deterant’

      Some tough love here might not work… But that’s the best they deserve if we can’t humanely cull them from the gene pool.

      • Mitch82

        12 hour days? I used to work that in a copper smelter, 6 days a week.

        • Rodger T

          YOU were lucky. Tell the young people of today that,and they won`t believe you!

          • Mitch82

            Plenty of younger guys are still heading over there, probably even more than when I was there. Unless you’re a desk pilot, 12 hours is the standard – in heavy industry you just don’t get anything done in 8.

            If you want a real punishment, give these guys an acre of shitty land each, somewhere out of the way. Then tell them the grass must be kept neatly mowed at all times.

            With a pair of tweezers.

      • Patrick

        Let the Chinese harvest a few body parts while they are there as well

      • Mr_Blobby

        Anywhere in south east Asia would do. Ship them up there in commercial shipping container cells, tough with the sea sickness. Come back the same way at the end of there sentence, unless they pay for a commercial airfare themselves.

        30 to a cell sleeping head to toe know room for rolling over, best spot next to the long drop, squat toilet. Basic diet of rice and fish head soup. Unless your family send in extra food for you. Family visit at there own cost.

        They would do it for a fraction of the cost we do it for here and still make a nice profit.

        Recidivism. Not likely.

        • Mr_Blobby

          Option 2. Bullet to back of head ,send the bill for the bullet to the family.

    • Mitch82

      I’ve always believed we should be able to sue the DOC for false advertising over their “Life Sentence” 5 Star Resort Holidays.

  • Whafe

    Saturday comment should be about David Fisher getter personal om Whaleoil, although he as made an apology on Twitter.. I am still very much struggling to gain an understanding how a journalist could be so so un professional.

    • I would say that pressure has been applied from higher up the food chain; APN management will have told the Herald editor to tell Fisher to pull his head in and not bring the paper further into disrepute.

      • williamabong

        That’s their job, and they do it so well

    • Don’t get over-excited. David Fisher received the hard word in the same way that Richard Prosser had a “change of heart” after Winston Peters told him what to say.

      This is just to “make it go away”.

      David Fisher has very, very low personal standards. A fake apology flows easily from his keyboard.

      Nothing has changed.

    • Pete George

      I’d give him the benefit of the doubt, no matter what might have encouraged him to do it. If it’s genuine it should be applauded.

      He was quite snarky to me when I challenged him on something recently.

      The proof will be in future behaviour.

    • unitedtribes

      Just read this tale about snooping on the opposition with a telescope: sounds like he is a professional ars licker. Wouldnt put much credit in his apology.


    read this and wonder why we have low moral in the police force…

    • unitedtribes

      FFS have to side with the judge on this one. 10 police, 2 dog, 3 attempts to shoot the dog. 7 shots fired before actually killing it even though it had retreated into the bathroom. No fucken wonder it was angry. And then only minor offences found. I think these boys overdid it just a tad.

      • parorchestia

        They didn’t know what reception they were going to get, nor who was present and what their reaction was to be. I believe they have every right to be safe, but you seem to think the police can be put at risk so as to not frighten the poor little “minor” criminal. The judge should be required to go alone to a similar crime scene to see what the police have to face.

    • parorchestia

      In what way does the use of force, even excessive force, make the case unsafe? Did the 10 officers act in a forceful and endangering manner? Do you see my point. I can beat an egg for an omelet so that it just sets. Or I can beat the hell out of the egg, and it still makes a fine omelet.

      Aristotle said it so well many years ago. Paraphrasing his word of wisdom: “Judges should be allowed only to decide if things are so, if such and such did happen and if so and so were present. And they should not be allowed to interpret, make moral judgements or decided on fine points.
      Also, the sentences should be decided by the law makers, not by the judges.
      But we are a small country with badly drafted laws and many poor judges.
      This is a strong argument for closer association with Aus.

  • tarkwin

    I watched that Radio thing with Jeremy Corbett and Paul Ego last night. It was worse than the cricket and Seven Days put together.

    • blokeintakapuna

      With series tied one a piece, I thought we might have had a chance. Alas, it business as usual…

  • Pete George

    The housing market could be on the way up, retail sales are looking better, and the Christchurch rebuild is cranking up.

    Is all this going to result in a sustained economic recovery and lowering of unemployment?

    Improvement in economic indicators and National’s re-election chances?

  • Ronnie Chow

    Why almost everyone in Russia has a dash cam…

  • ConwayCaptain

    WOE WOE WOE!!!!!! AND THRICE THRICE WOE!!!!!! as they used to say on a Funny thing happened on the way to the Forum.
    Gareth, Julie Anne, Wussel and Metiria will soon be saying that this Russian Meteor was caused by GLOBAL WARMING.
    Pity that they wernt on a All Expenses paid fact finding mission to Siberia and they may have been hit by it.

  • starboard

    Dirty sodomites and dykes running around semi naked in Auckland today…disgusting display of abnormality .

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Was it hijacked by the Labour Party? If not, why not?

      • starboard

        lots of anal sex and felching going on tonight Id say..not to mention gerbal insertion and all sorts of illegal filthy perverted activity. Lock up your children.

        • Gayguy

          Please do not share what you are planning to do tonight. That is a bit more info than people need.

          • starboard

            Tell me something ..why do your lot feel the need to dress up like circus performers and ponce around the street with your genitals exposed and performing lewd acts on each other? I don’t see Joe Standard doing that carry on. Extremely abnormal behavior dont ya think ?

    • Gayguy

      That was only because you were out and about. If you had of stayed home then there would have been no display of abnormality on Auckland streets.

      But good to see you admitting you are abnormal.