Saudi Cleric’s fatwa: Burqas for babies


Meet Sheikh Abdullah Daoud.  He’s back in the news as a result of the reports on the torture, rape and murder of 5 year old Lama by her father Fayhan al-Ghamdi, as reported on earlier today.  

This genius has a solution for the problem of fathers being tempted to rape, torture and murder their own daughters:  Put them in a burqa.

A Saudi cleric who called for baby girls to wear burkas for their own safety has been subjected to a barrage of criticism on social media. The preacher’s remarks have been widely condemned for denigrating Islam, and as a breach of privacy.

Sheikh Abdullah Daoud made the remarks during an interview with Islamic Al-Majd TV last year, but video of the interview recently went viral on social media sites and became a topic of widespread debate and derision.

Daoud claimed that baby girls would be protected from abuse if they wore a full burka

Luckily, this isn’t finding fertile ground with the rest of his countrymen

Sheikh Mohammad al-Jjzlana, former judge at the Saudi Board of Grievances, said Daoud’s fatwa made Islam and Sharia law look bad.

Jjzlana urged people to ignore Daoud’s statement and any unregulated fatwas. He said it makes him feel sad anytime he sees a family veiling their baby, describing it as an injustice




Via, UPI, Al Arabia



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  • thor42

    “The preacher’s remarks have been widely condemned for denigrating Islam”.

    Uhhh… how can anyone “denigrate Islam”?

    It denigrates *itself*.

    • Mike

      Exactly. The preacher is being true to islamic beliefs, which include never taking responsibility for anything. The victim is always to blame for any crimes committed against them.

      Islam and liberalism are similar in the way they switch roles – good is evil and evil is good. The victim is the criminal and the criminal is the victim.

  • tarkwin

    And these wankers call us infidels and unclean? This guy should be sodomised with a very large pork salami. Ian Paisley does a better job of keeping the religious peace than him.

  • ratesarerevolting

    Wahhabists are fucking cunts.

  • grumpy
  • BJ

    Islamic men are the problem. I have a solution – call for the castration of all Islamic men that have given in to their weakness

  • romulus

    “Sheikh Mohammad al-Jjzlana, former judge at the Saudi Board of Grievances, said Daoud’s fatwa made Islam and Sharia law look bad” Really? Islam and Sharia Law are already an abomination. It could be said he’s simply highlighting that fact.

  • cows4me

    Prehistoric fuck.

  • Andy

    The Old story
    If they didn’t have oil they would be back growing dates and shagging camels
    and no one would give a shit about them.

  • thor42

    Hi all –

    Did you know that Mohammad used to **cross-dress**?

    I kid you not. It’s all there in Islam’s own texts.

    Here you go – check this out –

    Oh – and because Muslims see Mohammad as the “perfect example” – ALL Muslims should cross-dress too.

  • ConwayCaptain

    You cannot tar all muslims with the same brush. Just because the “Christians” in Serbia massacred unarmed men or the “Christians” killed people with bombs in N Ireland did you say that all Christians were evil. NO
    In the Christian religions, Anglican and RC there are people at the top that can stop people uttering crap ;like this. In Islam there is no one. Any numbskull can set themselves up as an Imam etc etc with no ualifications. Anyone can set up a Madrassa, not anyone can set up and Anglican or RC school. So there is no control over these people.
    The tragedy is that 1000 years ago when the Christians were raping pillaging and murdering their way through the Middle East, the Muslims were the leaders in architecture, literature, mathematics, astronomy etc. When the Christian knight coud not read or write, the muslim gentleman could write poetry, converse on many subjects. Unfortunately in the last 500 years Islam ahs gone backewards whereas other cultures have moved forward and progressed.
    I was 3/O on the last British Pilgrim Ship carrying Malaysian and Singaporean Muslims to Jeddah on the Haj. The educated ones I met were charming and broad minded. The “peasants” we carried and most had saved for a lifetime to do the Haj were v nice and tyreated their families well from what I could see.
    Most Muslims would ABHOR this story out of Saudi. How can we complain when we see how some of our kiddies are treated.

    • thor42

      I see where you’re coming from, CC. Unfortunately, there is no escaping the fact that the teachings of the Quran are extremely violent towards unbelievers (as any of the large number of apostates will confirm).

    • cows4me

      Islam isn’t a religion CC it’s a political movement dressed up as a religion.

      • thor42

        Yep – you’re spot-on there, cows4me.

    • blazer

      what qualifications’ did Tamaki have to set himself up as a christian bishop.?And the burkha closely resembles a nuns habit!

    • Your points are valid. What cannot be denied though is their legal system. It clearly does not value women and children. That is not ‘ some’ fanatical judges or lawyers, it is the WHOLE legal system there and how it is written.

  • You know what makes Islam look bad??? Treating women and children as chattels. Raping torturing and killing them without fear of prison time. The Burka is just the physical manifestation of the submission of their women and the total control they have over them. THIS is why we cannot allow them to continue with the Burka when they move to NZ. It symbolises all that is evil in Islam. Can you even begin to imagine the mind set of a man who continues to be a religious leader after raping, torturing and killing his 5 year old daughter? Can we even begin to get inside the head of another religious leader who thinks it is the child’s responsibility to protect herself from RAPE by wearing a Burka? Strangely they never consider the obvious way to stop fiends like these attacking children and women. CUT their bloody bollocks off! That will stop it.

  • thehawkreturns

    There is no “non-radical” Islam. There is no “non-fundamentalist” Islam.
    There is no “moderate” Islam. It is a wicked culture of violence and world domination.
    Get to know it before it kills us all. Appeasement is not the answer.