Sigh…Mr Ware or Mr Wade??

Like shooting fish in a barrel…the decent journalists, trained and skilled have managed to interview one person and change his name halfway through:



Anyway in matters of substance what do you think of Mr Ware/Wade’s comments about cyclists:

David Ware, managing director of publicly listed mobile radio company TeamTalk, wrote an editorial in the latest company newsletter railing against cyclists.

He calls them “sodding road vermin”, “roadkill”, “weasels in Lycra”, and said “it’s time to declare open season”.

“More than anything it’s their unbridled arrogance that gets up my nose.

“Unlike the rest of us they don’t pay road user charges or extra ACC premiums. But in spite of being guests on our roads they think they have some god given right to ride wherever they bloody-well please, whenever they please.”

However, Mr Wade said he had just bought a bike and would let readers know how he went.

The editor of Tim Pawson said the article was “distressing and appalling”.

He said it was frightening to see such anger in the editorial.


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  • Troy

    The NZH must surely be getting tired of the continual stream of editorial errors in their articles. Do they even know about them? Do they even care? Seems not.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      The current financial situation means they most likely can’t afford spellcheck or people who can read

      • The NZ Herald have one guy, trained and skilled, that spends half of his day on Twitter. If he spent some of that on fixing his Juniors’ mistakes, the whole show could theoretically improve.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Why cyclists are dickheads:

    1. Pedestrian crossings, footpaths or the green man? nah lets run into people
    2. Three abreast going into a 100 zone from a 50? nah lets not move over
    3. At the front of the lights in peak hour? Let me go first, I won’t slow the chain of cars behind me down much

    Feel free to add some to the list. Although the last 2 can be said about elderly/”Fresh” drivers too

    • Jammer

      Ok, so let’s take your anecdotal examples of “dickhead” behaviour as fact, is that enough reason to threaten to put people’s lives at risk?

      I’ve been put riding on an open state highway, by myself (not 3 abreast), well inside the white line, not in anyway hindering the flow of traffic when a “dickhead” (for want of a better term) took offense to me being on the road. He then did a burnout next to me and fish-tailed into my path.
      Is that enough reason to declare “open season” on motorists?

      As a cyclist I will never defend the actions of all other cyclists and, by the same token, as a motorist myself I will never defend the actions of all motorists. I think we need to be a little more considerate and stamp out “dickhead” behaviour in whatever form it takes rather generalising and threatening entire groups.

      • Dave

        Jammer You might have the wrong end of the handlebars old chap. I am normally a very cyclist tolerant driver but a lot of the time the Lycra clad brigad are the authors of their own fate. A few months back when driving through the Remuera area I was surrounded by them whilst stopped at a set of lights. They proceeded to gather beside and in front of my vehicle When the lights changed they were off three abreast at well under the limit with no chance of any other road users passing.

        I recognized one as a prominent Auckland citizen, no names but this sick head should have known better. Approx 20 mins later they were all sharing Lattes at a popular Rems (of course darling) cafe. The point jammer is these Weekend Handlebar warriors are as bad as the very much maligned Car Hoons, yet claim superiority. About bloody time any Lycra glad riders in a group were forced to wear hi vis trench coats and have a large flashing light on their Helmet. Further ANY dickhead behavior should result in their bike being seized and crushed – no mercy!!!

        • Jammer

          I know the type of crowd you’re talking about and I accept they are frustrating, the guys who take up cycling in their 30’s and buy a brand new colnago each year only to potter around Remuera and Mission Bay once a fortnight have an element within their number who haven’t yet received the memo – that was actually the point of my post. Old chap.

          To have run into this crowd though, just so we’re clear, when you say “a lot of the time” you sound like you mean to say a couple of instances on a Saturday or Sunday morning when a) one’s trip to the corner store in Remura to pick up one’s morning paper or b) one’s journey to the golf club for one’s early tee off time was delayed by 30 seconds on account of these scoundrels. Because that is the only time and place that particular crowd of “weekend warrior latte sippers” operate.
          Whilst I don’t for one moment condone that type of inconsiderate riding, quite frankly I find it staggering that your “point” is that these guys should be equated to the “much maligned car hoons” – to that i would simply highlight the small discrepancy that my cited example of dickhead behaviour on the other side of the coin involved real danger… Real Danger to, ah yes, my life. At a time when I was representing NZ at an elite level however clearly made the (quite literally near) fatal mistake of being Lycra clad.
          That is the type of behaviour that Mr Ware, in calling for an “open season”, appears to endorse and you seem not to have an issue with.

          • Dave

            Jammer Just to be clear, I do not endorse Mr Ware’s comments or Open Season on cyclists. But, Like police tightening up on “hoons” who are amongst a small minority of car drivers, I sincerely wish they would get the minority and very selfish bike riders OFF the road, before they cause an accident and then blame car drivers. I admire any sportsperson training at an elite level, you included Jammer, but i also appreciate a lot of the time you were most likely riding alone, or would not train three abreast on the way to a Remuera (or other) cafe.

            The road is for everyone to share, but NOT for anyone to hog!! My biggest wish is ALL slower traffic kept well left and allowed faster traffic to FLOW. Jammer, that includes anything holding up traffic flow, cars, trucks, cars towing boats and caravans, and Cyclists.

          • unsol

            My biggest wish is for everyone to actually know & apply the road rules; like I said earlier, most people are crap drivers so it only stands to reason that these people new to recreational cycling are useless cyclists too.

    • TeacherUnionsRscum

      Apparently to be a successful cyclist you have to be red colourblind

    • unsol

      Just the same as most drivers are dickheads:

      1.Pedestrian crossings, footpaths or the green man? nah lets run into people (after all, the Road Code that states if people are before the diamond you must stop except for children where you must take all reasonable steps to stop regardless)

      2. Passing a cyclist going 30-50km p/h then turning left… you do

      3. Opening a car door on a cyclist without checking first

      4. Passing a cyclist then pulling into a carpark

      5. Passing a cyclist on a downhill 50km stretch forcing them to constantly break so as to avoid going up the ass of the car

      6. Hugging the left side of the road forcing cyclist to move over into the debri or hugging the centre line scaring the shit out of oncoming traffic

      7. Going well under or well over the speed limit

      8. Failing to drive to conditions

      9. Failing to keep left unless passing…within the speed limit of course

      10. Tail gating

      11. Speeding up before a new increased speed limit (bet you didn’t know that one – if it is 50km going to say 80km you must stay at 50km until you get to the 80km. Vice versa same thing but police allow about a 20-100m grace….depending on the cop of course)

      12. At a turn off, not judging the speed of an oncoming car & turning right in front of them…..

      13. Pulling out of intersections in front of cars, motorcylists etc

      14. Not keeping left on narrow roads with blind corners

      15 Going more than 100km with a trailer/boat etc on the back

      16. Not having lights on just before dusk or putting them on full beam

      17. Failing to keep your car at a warrantable standard such as making sure all lights always go (gotta love the morons who have no idea their rear lights dont work when driving at night)

      18. Trucks: stupid car drivers who undertake a turning truck that has swung wide to turn left or right, following too closely….if you cant see their mirrors they cant see you….or walking behind a reversing one (seriously, how dumb are some people!)

      19. ALL loser cruiser drivers…no point in going too fast or tail gating in one of them sunshine as it is still a loser cruiser no matter how much of a man you think you are driving it.

      20. ALL late model 4wd owners who actually wouldnt have the first clue about 4wd’ing….Mr Prado, Highlander….bunch of tossers in overpriced wanna be osentations gas guzzling cars if you ask

      21. ALL old 4wd……dirty diesel = same as the loser cruiser.

      The list here can go on & on here too.

      These things apply to drivers of all age, gender & ethnicity; check out a few truck webcams and you will see the proof.

      The reality is most drivers are shit so it is a given that if the same people decide that it would be fun to get back on a bike or a motorbike again that chances are they will be shit motorcylists & shit cyclists.

      Good drivers are good cyclists & vice versa.

      • Pissedoffyouth

        “Hurr u young u know nothing coz u young dur I have trohpy for being old”

        Not once did I state that drivers > cyclists, in fact I stated some drivers can be just as guilty. I agree with your points about drivers, you don’t need to resort to bringing my perceived lack of wisdom due to my age into it

        • unsol

          No, but these kinds of posts always turn into a cyclist vs driver mud slinging match so it is good to lay all the facts on the table – such as (from LTSA):

          * cyclists aged 10–14 are the group have the highest rate of hospitalisation

          *Three specific crash movements each account for more than 10 percent each of all cyclists deaths or injuries in police-reported crashes involving motor vehicles.

          Crossing (No Turns) – 13.8% This crash type involves a collision at a right angle, typically when both parties involved are moving straight through an intersection.

          Right Turn Against – 15.5% Approximately 88 percent of this crash type involves another vehicle turning in front of the cyclist.

          Crossing (Vehicle Turning) – 11.3% Approximately 81 percent of this crash type involves another vehicle turning in front of the cyclist while crossing an intersection.

          In terms of who is at fault:

          *23% the cyclist bares primary responsibility

          14% the cyclist bares some responsibility

          BUT 63% – no cyclist fault identified

          So yeh sure, some cyclists may cause annoyance but perhaps this is in response to the many dickheads on the road like Ware….or was it Wade.

          • Bunswalla

            Hear hear

    • Dion

      I had a Lycra-clad Lance Armstrong wannabe with a dealth wish come at me from the left on a roundabout yesterday. No wave, no apology, no nothing.

      How hard is it to slow down and turn your head to the right?

  • Stephen

    HI Cam, when are you going to start picking on other media? You could look at TVNZ’s news website, they make all the same errors. Also to put things in perspective, how many errors does the Herald make for the thousands of articles they publish every week?

    • Michael

      The difference is probably that the Herald came out defending this level of journalism, saying this is the level that trained and skilled journalists will produce. I think I agree with Cam that changing peoples names midway through an article, along with all the other errors they make, is quite poor, and shouldn’t be defended as quality journalism.
      Cam may also be hoping that a bit of sunlight on their mistakes will help their standards rise above that of NCEA level 1.

      • Dave

        Lets not forget it is the Herald that claim they use Trained and Skilled Journalists as Michael points out.

        Its one thing to pour scorn on others, take the moral high ground, and continue to make very basic and poor mistakes. Another point, is they still charge the same for their crap paper, complete with spelling and grammatical errors and often factual errors, let alone that poor fire engine, it must need replacing by now. -:)

        The problems I believe are that a lot of content and checking is now outsourced. One junior with top marks in English could fix these!!

    • Mostly_Harmless

      Too many errors – proofreading is not that hard.

    • Fair point Stephen; but some of the Herald’s blunders, such as the ORCHARDS on Sir Paul Holmes’ casket at his funeral are simply inexcusable; especially from professional journalists, skilled and trained. The Herald’s editor is going to regret sending Cam that whiney e-mail!

  • unsol

    WO is this the same guy who put road spikes out or nails out during a race which caused heaps of punctures & a few injuries? I bet it is!

    ACC premiums – egg. Most of these cyclists have cars & most of the time when it comes to cyclist vs car it is the car that has been at fault. Same with car vs motorcyclist and car vs truck. Because most car drivers are crap.

    The irony of this man buying a buy also extends to the fact that he is a car driver & no doubt a shit one too.

    Just like I posted earlier – most people drive & most are shit drivers so it only stands to reason that if the same people hit their mid-life crisis & decide to ride a bike or a motorcycle again then chances are they are shit drivers

    As lets be clear here….most of the cyclists are males….usually in the 40s-50s… know the ones with such tight lycra that it forces their baby bumps to squeeze out underneath. They also ride like retards with the legs all over the past & generally have poor form & no clue.

    The real ‘roadies’ – they might ride 2 or 3 abreast but only when safe. Because they are generally professional cyclists they know how to stay alive as they cant afford the injuries or hassles with getting their bikes replaced.

    So I find with the former group it is the cars that tend to have the right to complain, but with the latter it is definitely the cyclists who have the right to complain.

    And yes, Mallard falls into the former…..if you cant average at least 38km p/h for a 100km race or more then you are a recreational wannabe & generally an all round tosser who gives the sport a bad name

    • Saccharomyces

      Woah, chill out a bit there mate. Just because I don’t race doesn’t mean I’m a crap cyclist.
      Do you drive a race or rally car? No? then you must be a shit driver.

      • unsol

        I’m not a crap cyclist either, but most wannabes like me are….because most are also crap drivers. It amazes me how few people know how to drive properly.

        And like I said, the worst of the lot have to be the middle aged guys……same goes for motorcycling too apparently. I think I saw an article about this on Stuff this morning

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Imagine if cyclists had rights on the road – hang about, they do – and they pay sweet fuck all for them. License them, make them Register bikes (including an ACC LEVY)
      and then they will get some respect. Until then cyclists holding up traffic (I’m a road user too) will cause problems

      • Magia01

        Sure, then lets ACC Levy; Cricket, Rugby, Football…. blah blah blah… I pay for my ACC levies like everyone else via my salary, why pick on cyclists

        • unsol

          Completely agree. The point those who cry out ACC levies miss is that 1) it is cars that are mostly at fault & 2) a lot of these recreational cyclists that have popped up in the last few decades are high income old buggers with too much money & too much time. People who have no doubt been in the top rate of tax since forever so therefore, more likely to be in the top 10% of income earners that actually pay tax in this country/are actually net neutral.

  • malcolmdick

    There are only a few cyclists that get angry with motorists, which is good evidence that Darwin’s theory of natural selection seems to be working ok, although it takes a while…

  • Hazards001

    The road code needs to be changed to make riding two abreast illegal and this bullshit of giving riders 1.5m to go passed needs to be kicked into touch too. The average lane width is around 3.6 meters, a car is approx 2.3 meters wide and since the cyclist will be at least 0.5m off the kerb the math doesn’t work 1.5 + 2.3 + 0.5 = 4.0 and we started off with 3.6! If you want 1.5m for a car to get past you then get the fuck out of the way!
    And before Unsol gets all excited I’ve been riding motorcycles and push bikes my whole life. I have no sympathy for riders that are complete cocks on the road!

    • unsol

      Crikey, we’re making a habit of agreeing today….good grief, what is the world coming too.

      Mostly agree – 2 abreast is unnecessary unless riding in a race. But as for the 1.5m – if you’re a bus or a truck (as a fellow cyclist you must surely have felt the warm air of the rear bus or truck wheel arches trying to suck you in because some dick driver didnt bother to move out of the way) & for everyone else it has to be a case by case….just common sense.

      Like anything in life, most problems would disappear if people used their brain.

      But cyclists should always remember one thing – being right doesnt really matter if you’re dead….

      • Hazards001

        Dead Right!

        • unsol

          And dont mind the pun :p