Sledge of the Day

Some punters weren’t very happy with the standard of stripper:

The popular heart-throb was said to be “made of pure muscle” and the posters showed off his Mediterranean looks and toned physique.

As the lights went down, more than 150 women whispered to each other and giggled as the anticipation mounted.

However, when the booked entertainment finally strolled out onto the stage a deathly silence fell over the room and the women gazed at each other in horror.

Dark-haired Fabio had been forced to pull out at the last minute and he had been replaced by “scruffy” novice Leon Zbudowskyj, wearing grey tracksuit trousers and braces. 

“He looked like he had come off the street, he looked dirty, he was unshaven and he didn’t have a six pack,” said Debra Jones, the compare.

“He was diabolical, he was disgusting, he just didn’t have anything, no music, no dance routine.

“In fact he looked like he had been hit in the face with a wok.

“He just wasn’t the sort of person you wanted to see take their kit off.”


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  • Rodger T

    The Telegraph,doing its own Herald bombs? Compare= Compere.