Sledge of the Day

Chris Finlayson is a sarcastic bastard…and one of the best sledgers in politics…check out this one against Charles Chauvel from yesterday:

Steve Chadwick was one of those MPs that drove people from Labour in great droves. I know that Todd McClay is hoping, fingers crossed that Mrs Chadwick decides to stand again against him.

Unless of course she wins the Rotorua mayoralty.

She has the same effect on voters that Sue Moroney does…Nat MPs increase their majorities.

To compare Charles Chauvel with Steve Chadwick really is sticking the knife in.


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  • Hearing Trevor Mallard whinge yesterday about a National MP referring to the Greens as the “watermelon patch” was funny. Mallard has turned into a real hall monitor type; telling tales about everyone else, whilst his past is littered with abuse and unsubstatiated allegations; the “American bagman” who was never found, the EB as ‘chinless scarf-wearers” and possibly the worst of all (given Labour’s large rainbow presence); calling Chris Finlayson “Tinkerbell”.

    But that’s a great sledge from Finlayson, and Mallard’s nonsense will be water off his back.

    • axeman

      KS, Today we were sniggering at Chris Trotter’s snide stabbing of Cap’n Mumblefuck still being leader of Liarbore over his hero Silent T. Then he commented on the departure of Charles Chauvel and speculated on Cunliffe:

      Charles Chauvel, “Champagne Charlie”, that wilful roisterer whose liberal disposition and utterly brilliant legal mind promised a Labour Attorney-General and Justice minister of rare ability and enduring achievement, is merely the latest victim of a Labour caucus which, increasingly, is distinguished by nothing other than its dreary mediocrity.
      I ask myself: “With Champagne Charlie gone, can the talented Mr Cunliffe be far behind?”

      “Rare ability” and “enduring achievement” FTW?

      Well did we laugh and laugh and laugh …

  • Jester

    Miles Davis tweet

    @CTrevettNZH @chrisfinlayson A sad day for John Key and National when Chauvel leaves.They’ll miss that lightweight ineffectual opposite them

    • Gazzaw

      More than appropriately replaced by the equally lightweight & ineffectual Carol Beaumont. Sam Lotu-iiga will be laughing all the way to the bank as Beaumont reminds the good citizens of Maungakiekie what a bunch of arseholes labour are.

      Of local interest will be who gets to drive the company car. Richard Northey appears to have had dibs on it up till now.