So Obama wants to ban assault weapons? Why doesn’t he do something useful?

In the US there is much talk about banning assault rifles…because they have been used in a few massacres. The proponents ignore the statistics and so when they make wild claims about wanting to prevent gun murders they simply are grandstanding. Especially knobs like Piers Morgan who is crusading against assault rifles yet ignoring the basic facts:



Paul Waldman looks at some salient facts: 

Fully 88 percent of the gun murders for which the kind of gun is identifiable in the records were committed with handguns. Which isn’t surprising at all, given that there are so many of them and that the typical gun murder isn’t a mass shooting committed by a deranged killer, it’s an argument that gets out of hand, a grudge that gets impulsively settled, or a robbery gone wrong. And we don’t know how many of the 300 to 400 murders every year classified as “rifles” are with hunting rifles, or what would be considered assault weapons. So if you’re going to argue that an assault-weapons ban won’t solve our gun problem, you’d be right.

As is often the way with left-wing politicians, it is all about the grandstanding not at all about the substance of the issue.

Will an assault rifle ban make a zak of difference to gun murder in the US…nope, not a single bit of difference.¬†Watch Piers Morgan get angry and throw his notes at his guest after he gets his arse handed to him by a couple of women:


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  • Spiker

    Ted Nugents turn. Normally Ted comes off a bit extreme but he did good here.

  • cows4me

    There is also a push by six states, you can guess which one’s they are, hint, liberal shit holes, to force gun owners to take out public liability on any firearms they own. This bullshit they claim is because a gun could hurt or kill someone or be stolen and used in a crime. These liberal fuckers want only one thing, disarmament. Not only are restrictive costs placed on gun owners it’s another attempt at firearm registration and I’m sure we all know where that will lead.

  • Piers Morgan is an idiot govt glove puppet.