SPCA do not have an ethical compass – Gareth Morgan

via web.stagram.com

via web.stagram.com


You can’t make this shit up.  We really need to start to prepend the adjective eccentric to any reference to Gareth Morgan.  Shane Cowlishaw at Stuff reports

The philanthropist and economist held a public meeting in the Wellington suburb if Karori last night, where he put his case for creating the first “confined cat” suburb, to protect native birds in the Zealandia sanctuary.  

As part of his presentation, he produced a “Wanted” poster naming Wellington SPCA board members, accusing them of being ill-equipped to deal with the cat catastrophe.

But one of the wanted men was in the audience, and took issue with Dr Morgan.

Emanuel Kalafatelis said he had been prepared to listen until things got personal. He pleaded: “For God’s sake, let’s not jump into this. Let’s at least get all the facts. Let’s get New Zealand-based facts. Not global facts.”

Dr Morgan responded: “I’m not going to support any organisation which in effect is attacking New Zealand’s wildlife . . . these people have no ethical compass.




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  • A=random=reader

    The problem that Gareth Morgan has highlighted is that the SPCA is routinely neutering stray cats and releasing them back into the wild.

    This is a highly questionable policy and Gareth is right to point out their apparent hypocrisy.

    But accusing them of having no moral compass is hyperbolic nonsense. They simply have a misdirected compass.

    • Craig Cottam

      The point I was going to make, WO talks about the Horrid’s lack of ethos and he does the same by omitting the context. Totally agree with you ARR.

    • Mr_Blobby

      misdirected compass = No moral compass.

      The SPCA mafia has been allowed to grow to big and to influential. It is time for the old fossils running it to retire.

      • Ronnie Chow

        These days , every damn thing is about funding .

  • CJA

    Gareth Morgan = “the hole that keeps on digging”.

  • Anyone else wonder if he has had a stroke, gone crazy and no-one has noticed? if i hear in the news one day soon that he was found wandering the streets with his undies on his head and nothing else on, ranting at the sky about cats, i wont be at all surprised.

  • I liked Garath Morgan, but now he is just annoying me.

    Even if we get rid of cats other things will kill birds.

    • Hazards001

      Yeah…and a lot of the other things that kill native birds are the same things cats kill.

  • Kacanga

    Morgan is a fuckwit. The SPCA is not a taxpayer funded organization whose role is native bird conservation or cat eradication.

    It is a privately funded group whose aim is the welfare of animals, in this case cats. It is doing this in this instance by humanely preventing the population from breeding. This will reduce the wild population as long as irresponsible people don’t dump unwanted pets, and have the sense and decency to leave them at the nearest SPCA office.

    • A=random=reader

      Releasing stray cats back into the wild is in direct conflict with native bird conservation.

      It makes very little sense for them to elevate the lives of stray cats above the lives of native birds.