Sunday General Debate


Here’s some Pride for you.   For the Aucklanders among you, hope you feel you got your money’s worth!




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  • Enter songs from the Village People

  • $100,000 and 30,000 people. Each spends $4 at the parade and technically you get a profit.

    But hey – its Sunday and economics I’ll save til tomorrow

    • Gayguy

      Shhhhhhhh you will confuse the haters with facts.

      • starboard

        eww look..its gayguy..right on cue..

        • Gayguy

          Oh look, the homophobic starboard in a thread involving gay themes venting his hate. How…. expected.

          • Dave

            GayGuy, your completely one eyed mate. I DON’T care a bit if your gay, straight, A sexual or a combination. The point others are making, is the council should not fund this parade, just like they should NOT fund other parades for other minority sectors of the community. My exceptions to the NO funding rule would be a parade for our HERO’s of the Rugby World Cup, the Children’s Christmas parade and other whole of community events. Got that, NO minority events deserve council or government funding. Dig deeper in your own pockets. Now, I’m off to organize the STRAIGHT blokes parade and convince council for 9 times as much as you gays got, as the straight community makes up over 90% of ratepayers!!!

          • Gayguy


          • unsol

            You mean the points others except starboard are making…..

            I agree, no fan of hero parade at all. The whole point of the push for LGBT rights is that they apparently not trying to claim any ‘special’ or ‘additional rights’ but just the “observance of the same rights as those of heterosexual persons”

            Things like the hero parade means they still think they are special & should be treated differently.

            MIND YOU, what about the boobs on bikes thing? That is a parade of sorts for heterosexuality isnt it?

          • unsol

            actually it’s not council funded. Which means hero needs to go to – have the parade but not at the ratepayers expense.

          • starboard

            thats right..the old standard hetrosexuality..been around since Adam was a cowboy…unlike homosexuality which is just an abnormality ..

          • Gayguy

            Idiot. For as long as there has been heterosexuality there has been homosexuality.

            The only abnormality is people such as yourself.

          • starboard

            ya dirty faggot…your day will come will have to answer to a higher power and it wont be pretty

          • Dave

            Unsol I doubt the Boobs on Bikes parade gets council or government funding, hence they can go for it. (I stand to be corrected on that) But i will admit, I would watch it, just for the Bbbbbbbbb bikes that is!! :)

    • Mr_Blobby

      Except the parade would have happened anyway and the attendees would have spent money anyway. So why do we have to fund a private event.

  • Pete George

    Whale has already covered the big talking of Richard Prosser turning to a backsliding wimp out as soon as he was taken to task.

    He has not performed or conformed as an MP – all of Parliament made it clear they didn’t think he had behaved properly.

    And he has been anything but honest – it’s impossible to take him at his word. Which word? No nonsense gonad equipped go-getter? Or the ‘poor me’..

    ““I suppose the disappointing thing is that you realise you have made
    some mistake and set out to make an apology and that doesn’t get
    accepted, then that’s a little bit on the nose.”

    On whose nose? We know his apology is not worth the paper he was made to write it on.

    “Our Prime Minister, and members of the Cabinet, need to have a similar
    Sword of Damocles hanging over them; they need to know that if they
    don’t perform, conform, behave properly, and do as We The People tell
    them, that they’ll be out on their ears, not maybe in three years time,
    but maybe next month. That should keep the bastards honest.”

    If one bastard was to be kept honest he would be out on his ear. Maybe this month.

    • unitedtribes

      An apology should only be seen as valid if someone has a change of heart and comes clean with an apology as apposed to getting caught out and thinking they can clear the air by apologising.

  • boristhefrog

    Wait, what?? I spent money on this?

  • ratesarerevolting

    All for the parade but not with ratepayers money.

    Len Brown is a fucking cunt !

    • paul

      hats powerfull for a guttersnipe

    • i heard him say (and i am paraphrasing here) “we welcome people of ALLl sexual orientations”

      i sincerely hope he ment “people of BOTH sexual orientation” because i dont really want him to welcome people who are into illegal sexual stuff…. i mean theres only two legal sexual orientations isnt there?

      • unsol

        I am not sure about transgender, but lesbian, gay & bisexual are all legitimate sexual orientations.

  • Greg

    $100,000 dollars to promote this trash, why of why do you Auckland rate payers put up with it?

    • starboard

      But wait..gayguy, who likes the sausage, will be along shortly screaming homophobes, gay haters etc blah blah blah. Disgusting habit wallowing in sewage.

      • Gayguy

        See, you are a hater and a homophobe because of your attitude.

        You can object to HERO and not be homophobic. I for one see no merit or value in it at all.

        You however are homophobic scum.

        • unsol

          So true. I don’t agree with HERO at all as find it is at odds with the desire to be treated exactly the same as heaters; if same sex attraction is so normal, why make a spectacle of it & reinforced everyones stereotypes (transexuals are always queens, gay men like S & M & mass ogres…not sure what the stereotypes are for lesbians).

          But my objection doesn’t include derogatory comments indicative of a narrow-minded uneducated bigot who, given by their obsession with anal sex, is clearly someone that needs to come out of the closet.

          Hate comes from fear; fear of what you don’t understand or fear of what you might be.

          • unsol

            Actually, what about boobs on bikes? Same thing different sexual orientation?

          • unsol

            scrap that, it’s not council funded. Which means hero needs to go too – have the parade but not at the ratepayers expense.

          • Gayguy

            Yes it is not council funded, but it is in the same league as the HERO parade. You never hear the homophobes expressing their outrage and hetro women getting their tits out.

          • unsol

            Completely agree. Just another case of hating what they fear or are not man enough to accept about themselves :)

          • Gayguy

            And there in is the difference. You have noted your objection in a non offensive way.

            Starboard on the other hand demonstrated how homophobic and filled with hate he is with his comments.

            What’s the bet he cannot see the difference.

  • williamabong

    Just finished reading my way through the missing cellphone trilogy, it got longer than The Lord of the Rings, pure gold watching the dweebs going all”Boys Own ” and solving a crime all by themselves, and still get home in time for ginger pop and scones for tea followed by a story from mummsy in front of the fire, then watching them go all anal when the nasty police don’t scramble the AOS to gun down the perpetrators of this terrible crime.
    The follow up is just as funny when they go all tough guy because one of their own told the world about what had happened, then watch the ball slowly deflate as crime of the century becomes crime of the year, then finally settles on crime of the minute, then they blame Cam for this, and they go all crybaby and bitchy.
    Pure gold, post of the week, keep up the good work Cam, l sleep soundly at night knowing these cyber detectives are putting the world to rights, if they can find a phone box to change into their costumes.

    • Bunswalla

      “ginger pop and scones for tea” – don’t forget the lashings of whipped cream!

  • Ronnie Chow

    Best article I’ve read about’natural’ products . If only political reporting had this degree of thoroughness….

    • David Broome

      That article proves the Dim Post cannot resist having a dig at dairy farmers (either that or AUT needs to go back to polytech status):

      “The verdict: OK, as long as you don’t worry about the environmental cost of making the ingredients (ethyl alcohol and acetic acid could come from cow’s milk whey, and keeping cows is decidedly not environmentally friendly).”

      Excuse me? This is the sweeping gernalisation that makes all this greenwashing possible. We have only been farming cows for thousands of years on a global scale and they didn’t cause the Fall of the Roman Empire or the Mayan one for that matter either.

      If these numskulls had a brain cell to rub together ethyl alcohol is a value added by product – remember the value add that supposedly doesn’t come from the dairy industry. Not that the author or ‘scientist’ have probably ever been onto a farm.

      This writing pervades the Dim Post and its anti dairy farming bias.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Original Double Income No Kids. Why should the long suffering Akl Ratepayers subsidise this.

    • pukakidon

      What makes me mad is that the rest of the country is subsidising massive roads for the north while Auckland funds crap like this. More money than sense! The rest of the country wants a $100,000.00 refund.

  • blokeintakapuna

    They look remarkably similar to Uncle Henryetta, and Uncle Brucetta

  • BR

    The Ponsonby ponce parade is another example of left wing politicians using other people’s money to promote sexual deviance. What the hell is there to be proud of?


  • Check it out… a council backdown…

    seriously. i hear people here whinge and snivel about the Marlborough district council… but i reckon they are pretty damn good compared to you poor jokers up north.

  • Pete George

    NZ First would have dumped Prosser but for Horan – and Peters?

    Winston read Prossers column and said nothing about it until the shit hit the fan but now is supposedly seething although he agrees with what he said, and wants Prosser to stay. Typical – YES or NO means whatever’s convenient for Winston.

    Except the party say they will dump Prosser next year, and he would be dumped now but from a slight inconvienience of having just dumped Horan so it wouldn’t be a good look.

    Even for Winston and NZ First this is very tacky.

  • tookinator

    That reminds me, I must call the mother-in-law…

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    Is this a core council function. I think not. Get back to doing what a Local Body Council should do instead of wasting ratepayers dollars on shit like this. If the council was a private company the heads of it would be sacked for stealing money to pay for all this unnecessary crap. Bring back the razor gangs to sort out this and get rid of the instigators.

  • Phar Lap

    Question might be,why has petrol gone up twelve cents a litre in the last few weeks.My answer is the culprit is the now NZ owned Z PETROL STATIONS.They used to be called SHELL OIL.Seems they might have paid over the top when they bought out SHELL OIL.Not a very good advertisement for NZ owned companies.Allegations of customer gouging by the oil companies,or at least one who sets the Cartel ball rolling.

    • starboard

      They are cunts. The nz dollar has increased against the us but they have the gall to put the prices up. Caltex led the way this time, in the dead of night they adjusted their signage, I know, I saw them do it. Then the other pricks just follow suit. Fuck I hate oil companies.

      • Dave

        Solution for you Starboard. Sell the car and motorbike, jetski and boat, join the Green party and WALK everywhere, or perhaps invest in a bike. Its your choice mate, no one is forcing you to purchase fuel at all. if more like you walk, demand drops and others can afford more fuel :)

        • starboard

          righto Dave..* rolls eyes *…

    • Mr_Blobby

      Don’t worry it is about to be listed on the stock exchange, easiest way to exit a bad deal and turn a profit. Mum and Dad investors will be taken to the cleaners again.

  • starboard

    You know that guy Pistoius who shot his girlfriend. He can’t really argue the facts because he hasn’t got a leg to stand on.

    • Tom

      Best one yet: (happened on Valentines day remember..)

      Roses are red,
      Violets are glorious,
      Don’t sneak up
      On Oscar Pistorius.

      • starboard

        lol !

    • 4077th

      Maybe he had enough of her complaining about him not getting a leg over!

    • starboard

      hmmm… 2 negatives..let me guess, gayguy and unsol..*yawn*

      • unsol

        3 likes, hmmm let me guess they came from ‘me myself & I’.

        You have to learn to fight the issue not the person portside as you are on the dodgy side of dodge with your comments & are demonstrating very little emotional maturity which is always indicative of someone with zero credibility.

    • Dr Wang

      Pistorious is a pro athlete, therefore it was probably ‘roid rage.

      • Agent BallSack

        My thoughts too.

  • JeffDaRef

    I’m all for gay marriage, for gay adoption – its about equality – but I am against ratepayer funds supporting this – if its as popular as we are led to believe it should be able to self-fund – and has anyone seen the fees to participate – “someone” is making a killing out of this.

    or programme advertising:

    or event registration:

    • JeffDaRef

      is this consistent with auckland council quoted in this article:

      and i quote:
      “Auckland Council does not believe that general ratepayers should be required to pay for assets that they don’t directly benefit from,” Ms Jones says.
      I cant wait for confirmation that is Len’s new official policy – huge rates cut coming my way!

      • unsol

        what about boobs on bikes?

        • unsol

          actually scrap that, it’s not council funded….and they tried to stop it!

          • pukakidon

            No different, rate payer money should not be spent on that either it is utter crap. If a group want to have a parade then feel free but pay for yourself

          • unsol

            I agree – and boobs isnt council funded (from what I gathered post quick google!).

        • starboard

          nothing wrong with it…MALES looking at FEMALES…not men sucking off men…fucking disgusting not normal.

          • Gayguy

            Once again you are wrong. You are not normal.

          • starboard

            go to bed fag guy..

  • GregM

    Daughter and I wandered up to Ponsonby Rd yesterday. It was a bloody good and entertaining parade, but I cannot see why the ratepayers should fund it.

  • J.M

    Whilst I oppose gay marriage, if the gay community wants to have a parade, let them. Just don’t use taxpayers/ratepayers money for it.
    Ideally we would have no homosexuality, but we cannot and should not stop consenting adults from doing what they wish behind closed doors. The best we can do is to not encourage it, and public money should not be used.

  • Rodger T

    The mighty Russian Military Machine has a sense of humour,

  • Agent BallSack

    Ex Pope has diplomatic immunity from child sex abuse claims while he remains in the Vatican. Totally unsurprising and supported by people like Lucia