Sunday General Debate


Just an  interesting reminder to show that the Maori were lucky, lucky bastards.  The British and other Europeans could easily have rounded them up and shipped them off as slaves.

Welcome to Sunday.  The General Debate is yours.


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  • Kokila Patel

    I’m not sure that it does demonstrate how lucky you are. It’s like saying, my old man hit me in the face, but at least he didn’t break my jaw….Arguably – Maggie Barry style, if someone hits you – get them back twice as hard

    • She learned that from Crusher

  • Phar Lap

    Today is the day that a sheila in SST name of Brownyn Wiliams says that the Lie-bour Party electorate loser Jacinda Ardern,now a retread MP,is the best looking MP NZ has ever had.Sounds like there could be more to the comment than meets the eye,or just that the sheila Williams is visually impaired.

    • Mitch82

      She was previously the ‘Crazy Chic’ fashion blogger for I wouldn’t read into it too much.

    • Patrick

      Perhaps Bronnie would like to consider Jacinda’s policies, after all that is what is important to NZ’s viability. Not what some bint looks like, after all did she criticise Aunty Helen for her “dropped pie” face?

  • Steve R

    I can’t believe that I’m about to say this but I wish labour could get thier act together and take back the spot of the second biggest party in parliament Then we wouldn’t have to put up with maturia turia ( or what ever her name is) and dick head Norman giving off thier opinions and crazy solutions to everything.
    Actually they do make labour look good

    • Dude, 2/3rd of The Standard are now supporting Greens. All Labour can do is call for a “Unified Left approach”.

      From a blogging perspective, I can’t wait for a Labour/Green/Mana/NZ First coalition government. The damn thing would write itself every day.

  • blazer

    the british could easily have rounded them up’…do tell….the Maori could and did fight,were not conquered.

    • Gazzaw

      They weren’t conquered for the simple reason that the Brits had far easier and far more profitable causes to fight for closer to home – African gold & diamonds, the vast wealth of India & China and the need to keep a newly united Germany in check. New Zealand represented a couple of insignificant islands on the other side of the world that supplied meat & wool and in the remote chance of a conflict in the Pacific a handy coaling station for the Royal Navy. Thats why NZ never rated more than the posting of one Regular regiment and a RN ship. Even the Russian ‘scare’ in the 1870s did little to increase British military presence. Suited the Brits to come to an accommodation Blazer, not the other way around and in any event measles, flu & smallpox nearly did the job for the ruling power.

  • Phar Lap

    See the Hurricanes got tier arses kicked ,by playing dumb rugby.If they want to keep kicking the ball away,join a soccer club,the Phoenix are looking for ball kickers.

    • Rodger T

      Heh,turned the fucking tv off after that bullshit penalty try.
      Super rugby can get fucked.

    • Gazzaw

      Rumour has it that Gareth gave the Hurricanes their halftime peptalk hence their stellar second half performance when they managed only a very ‘sus’ penalty try. Bodes well for the Phoenix game today.

    • Gazzaw

      The Phoenix should be looking for a new owner Pha Lap.

  • Morrissey

    Three wenches please.

  • Pete George

    Following Rodney Hide’s “hate the Maori” reference and no revisiting Act president John Boscawen’s conference seemed to be obsessed with Maori and the Maori Party. He mentioned them ten times – Act president John Boscawen on ‘Maori’

  • blokeintakapuna

    Got to see Nikki Kaye yesterday arvo as she sat having a discussion with 3 friends in a quiet bar… And I gotta say, she’s really quite a hottie.

    Blonde, slender, reasonably tall, hottie, National MP… If she had me, she’d have it all going on!

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Heh, seems the Far North mayoral aspirant has a bit of a side-line.

  • sheppy

    Was anyone anywhere near the Auckland CBD last night? The lantern festival and most of the surrounding streets were rammed with people. You couldn’t walk on the pavements due to the number of people and the buses did a fantastic job of blocking junctions and causing diesel fumed gridlock. It was horrid.
    I just hope loopy Len gets voted out before he gets to make this Auckland’s everyday reality.

  • starboard

    Gayguy wants one buck thanks..( he told me so )

    • Lopsy

      Lol! Beer all over the keyboard.

  • thor42

    At *last* I think something may be done about the bloody noisy dog next door. I’ve asked for the local community constable to contact me tomorrow to see if a solution can be found. The owners of the dog don’t give a shit.

    At least I have another neighbour who will back me up that the dog is a nuisance, so it’s not just me.

    Geez, this pisses me off…….. bloody dog…..

    • Rodger T

      Feed it some meat with a laxative,even if it doesn`t fix the problem it will give you some satisfaction.

      • thor42

        True, RT – that’s exactly what I need, too – some satisfaction and a sense of *revenge*. Anyway, it’s great that I’ve got another (really good and helpful) neighbour who will back my story up. That should be a big help.