Speaking of a high-level sportswoman playing an obscure sport…

Turns out that “National Sportswoman” linked to the name suppression scandal is involved in a really obscure sport.  Like a mixture of golf and table tennis, except more obscure.

Because of name suppression rules, I can’t show you that sport, but I’ve found something else equally…  well, words fail me.

Tell me what you think in the comments.


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  • LionKing

    clearly it has to be the dramatic sport of kite flying

    • Indoor. Windless. Single line.

    • Dumrse

      It’s gonna be something like ribbon dance

  • Graham

    Not difficult to find out what the game was but Jeez, I’ve never heard of the game or her.
    About as obscure as under water basket weaving.

  • Too obscure for me, do the crime do the time…

  • unsol

    Who she is and what she does as a ‘profession’ (I use this term loosely!) should have no baring on anything; more than twice the legal limit for an adult means she should have been convicted & sentenced & name published – cause & effect.

    That is how people learn from their mistakes – even children (with real parents as opposed to egg/sperm donors or the cotton wool/darling please dont do that type) understand this concept.

    Name suppression was bad enough, but to get off with a warning is unacceptable.

    It is high time we started taking these moronic judges to task. So many are clearly useless & have no problems flouting the law. Such things should not be left to discretion!!! Breaking the law means conviction & sentencing (at least of some kind) should be synonymous!!!

  • Morrissey

    I’ve always wanted to play this sport…


  • BJ

    The first barrier for someone with a driving conviction will be to even get a place on an international team – when there will be sporting body rules and selection criteria