That didn’t take long

The One News Colmar Brunton poll Sunday must have spurred Grant Robertson into action.

Yesterday in Dunedin, Grant Robertson and Clare Curran can be seen plotting with David Clark around a BBQ. That is less than 24 hours after the One News/Colmar Brunton poll was broadcast, the BBQ’s were already fired up…


Labour’s BBQ season is open

If I am not mistaken it also looks like Grant has shed a few kilos. If he books in a visit to get Lasik and starts ironing his shirts then we will know for sure that his leadership aspirations are serious, rather than talk around the bottle at the end of a hard day in the house.


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  • ratesarerevolting

    Rubber gloves ??

    • sandynobb

      Love gloves.

      • redeye

        Practising handling the sausage safely.

        • Adolf Fiinkensein

          Afraid of intermittent transmissions.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Hubble Bubble toil and trouble, ear of newt and tail of bat etc etc. They can all audition for the part of the witches in the Scottish Play.

  • Redneck

    Q – How can you tell that you’re at a gay BBQ?
    A – The sausages taste like shit !

    • Mike


    • blazer

      you are familiar with what shit tastes like I take it!?

      • Mr Sackunkrak

        You take it? Thanks for that bit of too much information, but I’m not into it, please share your abundant expertise with us though. Always keen to learn what makes pinko’s tick.

  • sheppy

    Looks like their next daft policy if elected will be compulsory rubber glove wearing when using a barbecue

    • that’s because of where their hands have been previously ……

  • Time For Accountability

    I live in Dunedin and am associated with volunteer fundraising for local charities.

    Last Xmas that was unusually down.

    People giving we’re openly saying they were giving less because of all the doom preached by Curran. Here name was directly quoted several times.

    She is a doom merchant driving down the self confidence of the very people she represents which is having further negative effect on business results.

    It also not helped by similar negativity from the ever expanding presence of our local Green Party representative.

    Name on positive idea either have had.

    As for David Clark representing our electorate – it is just embarrassing.

  • Patrick

    The burning question is “will the skinny one out of these three get any sausage?”

  • Troy

    Who the fuck wears latex gloves at a fucking BBQ! Everything about that photo is non-Kiwi.

    • blazer

      people with high standards of hygiene.The public like cleanliness where food is involved.

      • Lion_ess

        Except a barbecue doesn’t include direct contact with food (as opposed to sandwich making). They look like precious twats and who’s to say the gloves are any cleaner than washed hands would be?

        • blazer

          how do you identify ‘precious twats’?People who wear gloves or do you have other criteria?

          • Lion_ess

            It’s a photo op a bit like Goff in business trousers and business shoes shovelling sand on the Rena beach – it looks set up and stupid. Now, if you are really concerned about “hygiene”, have a look at Curran’s hair – it’s a fail irrespective of whether you are looking for the realistic photo, or worrying about food and and hygiene.

      • Mr Sackunkrak

        Or certain gay practices, or so I’ve heard.

      • Mr_V4

        Thats why you use things called tongs!

  • Lion_ess

    The rubber’s meant to go on the sausage,

  • BJ

    Ahh Such team work!

  • Mr_V4

    I think this “latex gloves at a BBQ”” photo fail should basically terminate Robertsons Primeministerial ambitions right here and now.

    Time to get this blown up billboard size for the election campaign.

    Sausage followed by quick anal probe anyone? Only $1

  • Bunswalla

    And standing under a green taliban banner (talibanner?) too…