That didn’t work out so well

Stuff was jumping on the bandwagon today with the “living wage” issue currently being pumped by the Herald and assorted unions and leftwing causes.

They decided to run one of their online surveys. This was the result a short time ago:

stuff poll



Only 37.5% agree with the union stance that $18.40 is the required minimum for a “living wage”.

Plenty said they could live on less and nearly 29% said they already did.

I don’t think they really thought that would pan out like that.


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  • Mitch82

    This from the people running a story about a bulldozer falling 200m down a hill.. with a picture of a digger attached.

    • ….is it from Whangarei?

      • Lion_ess

        Where’s Flick? Oh wait – there’s no fire – Run it anyway?

  • Agent BallSack

    So if you have this Utopian “Living Wage”…whats the incentive to improve your lot? If dustbin collectors earn the same as tech savants ..why study to be a geek? Are we on the crux of the end of human development and learning due to a socialist dream? Because hell i’ll throw in my job as a business owner & producer and become a drone for the same money and less financial risk.

    • Why study to be a geek? Because you won’t be working with dirty stinking garbage. Duh.

      • Agent BallSack

        *examples* Duh.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Now that the future PM Sheep has shown support for this, here is what will happen. Sheep will announce an election Labour-Green policy that the minimum wage will be raised to $18.40 an hour and that will be a huge vote catcher. Emperor is getting crushed from all sides….

  • low wages aren’t the problem
    huge markups on imported goods tolerated to get more GST making sure we don’t get any benefit from free trade is