The BSC continues their contradictions

The tip-line continues to provide a wealth of tit-bits about EL Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo and the dodgy union like BSC cartel.

Seems there’s only 39 odd members of the BSC, each getting tucked for $20k membership fees each year. Let’s say they are all so fed up with Paddy (and Marja Verkerk) that they wind up the association.  As a result of the $1.8 million cash pile the BSC is sitting on, those 39 odd members are in for a nice fat $46,000 wind-fall.

Aside from the nasty SFWU being horrified that their card carrying El Presidente has allowed Labour’s secret political slush fund to disappear, Paddy would probably be laughing as his company ToTal Property Services tucks into its $46,000 share.

Not sure his hard-working cleaners would be as keen. See  Paddy is happy to pay his cleaners $14-$16 an hour….a long way short of the “living wage” the SFWU is lobbying for


Rogue operators eh? EL Presidente? Time for another junket to Brazil?

Makes you wonder whether companies like ING NZ, NZ Trade & Enterprise, Fertility Associates, Fonterra, Housing NZ, and others using the services of Total Property Services know what Paddy is up to…

I trust the “living wage” people will now start asking why ToTal Property Services and other BSC aligned members aren’t paying their staff a “living wage”


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  • Fred

    This cock is now an expert on the franchise industry, my god he is incredible! What a twerp calling for regulation in thje $25 Billion franchise industry when he is chief clown of the BSC that has ruined a small $1 billion industry that has NO regulation itself. He must be really thick.

  • LionKing

    What’s the bet the “Fish Gang” are behind efforts to wind up the association and get some of their “membership fees” back. As for ToTal Property Services, that’s outrageous that they’re happily screwing their cleaners by paying them low wages yet feel inclined to attack other companies as if they’re not part of the problem of low wages in this country.

    Let’s hope the SFWU start realising that Paddy is not part of the solution, but is a definite part of the problem and that any association with the BSC undermines the agreement they have with them.

    Time to jettison the BSC all right.