The Green Taliban and Education

Catherine Delahunty gets handed the microphone at the end of this clip – she shows her intellect and class:

“You’re awesome…….they suck.”

She is a perfectly adequate reason in and of herself to question the list MP system and for the people of NZ to go nowhere near the Green party. 

In WW2 children were evacuated from London to be kept safe.

If Delahunty was Associate Minister of Education in a Labour/Green government families should send their children overseas for their education to keep them safe….because she would want to keep them in their “community” no matter the damage.

I met Delahunty once, not only was she rancid, it might have been the warm atmosphere of the meeting hall, but she also had the crazed fixed stare that one usually sees from people like Penny Bright and other single issue loons.


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  • maninblack

    all the greens are fuckwits.

  • In Vino Veritas

    This is not, and never has been an issue about children. Kids are supremely adaptable and in a years time won’t care about their old school. It’s a pity that the parents are not the same.
    Delahunty only serves to prove the notion that these “adults” are both inflexible and unadaptable. I would have thought that she, and the parents would have far more important things to do than whine about the closure of a few schools.

    • chwaga has always been about the teachers jobs and the School trustees perceived important positions

  • Of course, Catherine Delahunty has a background in education. Prior to becoming an MP she was the main tutor at Sue and Bill Bradford’s Kotare school for socialists. Oddly, you won’t find a mention of that on her bio on the Green Party website. But it’s something that she has spoken proudly about in the past:

    • Kacanga

      Surely the article is satire. Do people (even leftie whanau wannabe’s) really speak like that? How fucking condescending.

  • ConwayCaptain

    The Member for Mars as she is known in the House

  • kohibruce

    Statement fits well with the synthetic outrage and co-opted children used to manufacture the rally by the oppose everything mob.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Most of the comments on the stuff article were deriding teachers in Chch, where as it would much better aimed at the education unions. They are toxic, unethical and scaremongering innocent children into waving banners they couldn’t even spell, let alone understand or comprehend into context… And the teacher unions are prostituting an innocent child’s presence so they can try to score a few political points.

    The only good thing, is finally the “public” are sick to the back teeth of hearing the whinging, whining and wails of woe is me…. Over a manufactured, non-event.

    Fact. Children change schools often, mostly as they grow older, but sometimes because a big fuckin’ natural disaster totally munted ya school and community. Wishing otherwise is allowed, but it won’t solve the issue.

    Instead of bleating about the munted schools closing, how about celebrating the $1Bn dollars worth of upgraded schools?

    The unions whore innocent children trying to garner public opinion and sympathy for their propaganda… And I’m well over it… And their whinging, crocodile tears.

    Ironic, they attempting to be the “saviours” when in reality they’re the pox-riddled, anti-progress, war-mongers who happily whore someone else innocent child into political grandstanding ‘protests’ using these innocent children as political pawns.

    Surely, this must be a form of child abuse by the unions?

    • Perhaps the leftie dropkicks could go on a taxpayer funded junket across the ditch and do some research on the matter. A lot of schools in areas like Kinglake in Victoria were immolated by the Black Saturday bush fires of 2009. Kids had to go to school in all sorts of make shift arrangements.

    • StupidDiscus

      celebrating the $1Bn dollars worth of upgraded schools?

      What the FUCK? Where have we got $1Bn from? borrowed yet again no doubt.

      Key should have shown actual leadership: bulldozed the schools, told the private sector to fill in the gaps, offered charters.

      And not one cent for anything that the teacher unions infect. not one cent

    • StupidDiscus

      deriding teachers in Chch, where as it would much better aimed at the education unions

      The teachers are the unions! That’s why it’s not just enough to ban unions – you have to ban anyone whose ever been a unionist from having anything to do with kids (or any job, or a benefit). .

  • Phar Lap

    Well an observation.It did not stop child minded Russel Norman well known Australian Commie,and the yankee doodle child minder Genter another wet back leaving their close to home habitat to treat us all like children in all facets of our lives.FFS.

  • Phar Lap

    Lest we forget ,when Lie-bour ran their reign of terror in the nine years of social engineering.The number of schools they closed down?almost THREE HUNDRED.Where were the Greens, unions, and teachers then.All out supporting Mallard and co and saying it was a great idea.PS that rat FAAFOI in the Porirua electorate take note.You showed yesterday in your vehement support for CHCH AND ANTI THE ELECTED GOVERNMENT you are a complete rabble rouser and not fit to represent the people of that area.

    • Agent BallSack

      Anti government rabble rouser? Seems he’s perfectly fit to represent Porirua.

  • GregM

    I wish someone would point out to these retards that of the seven schools closing, three of them are intermediates, which means half the kids are leaving those schools this year anyway. Are those kids “devastated”, I doubt it.

    • Agent BallSack

      Most kids I know hate school anyway and would probably welcome the chance to go on an adventure. Kids are extremely resistant and I am betting the only ones that have any issues are the ones whos parents tell them they are. Its like running to your child every time they fall over, if you do that enough the child will cry over the smallest thing – not because its hurt but because its expected.

  • Dion

    I wonder how much carbon she burned coming down to Christchurch?

    Typical watermelon hypocrite – do as I say, not as I do.

  • What made you such a mean racist sexist Pakeha who thinks people with the cleverest arguments, colonialist constructions such as “evidence” and other non-spiritual occupying ideas ought to be allowed control as we rent our pocket of space on Aotearoa until our tamariki rise to take their claim of Tino Rangitiratanga upon the beautiful land that is neither yours nor mine, for we are Tau Iwi, here only by the deference of the great heroic and suffering Tangata Whenua. The spirits are angry and they want you to join us in peace, harmony, love and sharing, and to purge the British construct “New Zealand” from these beautiful islands, so that everyone is happy. Decolonise your mind and your heart, and fight the tyranny of globalisation, the mean-ness of capitalism and the competitive rat race that Western so-called “civilisation” brought to these peaceful lands.

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      Go fuck a mountain would ya.

    • Did anyone understand what she said? Must have a BA.