The Green Taliban don’t tell you THIS about public transport

via Imgur

via Imgur


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  • J.M

    Boring, more anti-public transport crap. Bring on the CRL.

    • Richard McGrath

      Bring on the CRL if you insist, but make its funding voluntary not coerced.

  • Mr_Blobby

    No Public transport is a public health nightmare waiting to happen.

  • Public transport. Cruel & unusual punishment.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    I must admit the nearest I usually come to public transport is a taxi. But I have suffered the London Underground. The Brits possess a special kind of BO, combine that with their penchant for “frotage” (go on, google it) and the inevitable “tube snot” and I wonder why the Greens so love these disease incubators they would demand we use.

    I think the most special moment was a wino with a year’s worth of urine through his clothing gassing an entire carriage. Do you have any idea how long it takes for those molecules to leave one’s nasal cavity? It’s longer than you can possibly imagine.

    • I’ve been thinking about pitching a Word of the Day post. “frotage” would have to be the first word.

      • Mr Sackunkrak

        It sounds lovely, but as always the French have lovely sounding words for just about everything!

  • Patrick

    They don’t tell you about the blokes with BO so bad that you have to move carriages, or the drunken white trash that abuses anyone that looks sideways at them, or the kids jumping all over the seats, or the food & drink spilt all over the seats, or the overcrowding, or the late running (or cancelled) services.
    In the Green world it is all sweetness & light, but how many of them would use public transport – if they could afford a car?

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      And rainbow pooping unicorns. That is possibly to be said after a dose of their kind of mushrooms. Of course they can’t use cars after their mushrooms. Well, I hope not.

    • J.M

      Admittedly I am in Wellington, not Auckland, but I very seldom see any of the things you mention. Delays are pretty rare now too.

      • Pissedoffyouth

        You guys don’t have as many fuckheads causing congestion as we do up here, that’s why.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Tory Bros – Wait until FInance Minister and Deputy PM Muesli Norman slaps a city congestion tax of $25 per vehicle entering the CBD between 6:00 AM – 11:00 AM….you will get into the public transport whether you like it or not.