The Herald Herald on Chauvel Chauvel, so good they had to repeat themselves

The “decent journalists, trained and skilled” at the Herald have out done themselves today.

In their rush to talk about Charles Chauvel they seem to be repeating themselves…either that or their site has developed an echo:



When will it end?

See this shit


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  • Bafacu

    They didn’t have any Union press releases to fill the space – can’t leave blank areas on the page (although that would probably be preferable to the drivel they fill it with!). To be fair they did change 1 word (Chair to Chairman)

    • Mr_Blobby

      How it works.

      Adverts get placed first and then the gaps are filled up with drivel.

      True story.

      • TeacherUnionsRscum

        There is ads on the Herald website?

  • It proves two things. 1) Even the journalists, trained and skilled, don’t check their own work. 2) There is no check between the journalist and the final publication by a sub-editor.

    I’ve been wondering if all the Herald Bombs have been due to the fact they are under so much pressure to generate articles, they just bash and publish, bash and publish.

    The other explanation is that there is such low morale at the Herald, nobody really cares anymore. After all, it’s looking relatively dodgy for the Herald, isn’t it?

    • Kacanga

      Nah, lefties are just thick,

    • Hazards001

      Or there is always the off chance that as the online herald brings in virtually no income they simply don’t give a monkeys toss if the non paying pedantic peasants spot shit that irritates them or not?

      • You might be right. Makes it a bit hard for the rest of the company to strut around like peacocks declaring themselves to have a set of minimum standards when your on-line presence doesn’t back it up.

  • sheppy

    I thought they just cut and pasted left wing press releases…

  • Accountability

    I came across him when he was a lawyer. Unless you had something he wanted he treated you like dirt from the bottom of his shoe. A wanker.