The housing crisis that wasn’t

Labour made much about a housing crisis in Christchurch, they lined up disgruntled drop kick after disgruntled drop kick to spout on about how there was a crisis in housing in Christchurch…except there wasn’t and isn’t:

Is there a housing crisis in Christchurch? The Press examined statistics, attended open homes and spoke to experts and members of the public. Anna Turner reports.

Difficult, pressured, heated – yes. But a crisis where ordinary people can’t buy or rent homes and flats and many homeless are roaming the streets or living in cars – No.

Those are the findings of a two-week investigation by The Press

Once again the Labour party has been shown up for manufacturing a crisis when none existed. Good on The Press for actually investigating the claims.

If it was the Herald they would have put Simon Collins on the job, lined up heaps of Labour members and run stories for two weeks flat endorsing Labour’s claims despite evidence to the contrary.

I’m actually impressed with The Press.


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  • Allyson

    Never mind Labor losers, you can always fall back to trash talking our economy into recession again.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Housing crisis, manufacturing crisis, currency crisis, Rena disaster – its the only thing they can do to attack the Government. Make stuff up, massage some numbers behind it and promote a bunch of party linked hacks to the MSM, many of whom then gobble it up as fact.

    • Pete George

      Also poverty crisis, education crisis (for the policies they don’t like, it’s also the greatest education system so shouldn’t be changed), asset sales crisis etc etc

      They don’t just cry wolf, they keep wailing a wolf pack of waffle.

    • mick le prick

      Carbon crisis, climate crisis, student loan crisis, food price crisis (Wambell Live beat up) its great every day the looney left keep their negative shit up makes Govt look better.

  • blokeintakapuna

    … and therein lies the seeds for National’s victory next election. National just need to keep being truthful, front-foot any “bad” news and keep progressing relevant, credible policies whilst acting as true Statesmen & woman… and by comparisson, the left will destroy itself in a festering heap of self-interested one-up-manship as each of the 4 headed taniwha tries to out-position the other into the reins of power.
    Thankfully, as hard as they try to keep the public surface all shiny and polished, we all know the underhanded, back stabbing and internal politicing within each of the taniwha heads will spill out into the public arena for the public to judge and evaluate… but the internal, factional wars won’t be anything comparred to the 4 heads fighting between themselves.
    Brilliance by comparision, concerted PR effort informing NZ Inc of all the positives National has delivered, especially comparring NZ to the likes of Greece and other socialist basket cases, will be enough to have National romp home once again…

  • BJ

    Campbell Live has a lot to answer for this housing crisis propaganda

    • blokeintakapuna

      hell yeah. Did you see the piece last night with them going on a witch hunt, siding with the Aussie unions over the hobbit films being made here or not.
      Regardless of weather Sir Peter and the government knew the unions blacklisting was going to be removed or not – the unions don’t make the law, or decisions on who NZ can or can’t allow into the country and who can or who can’t work in NZ.
      In fact, if NZ’s employment laws weren’t so badly put together in the first place, the law would not require clarification in the first place.
      But that piece did go a long ways to describing just how toxic the unions have created the employment landscape for employer and employee – especially when they can’t dictate how they think things should be.
      The unions even having a blacklist and attempting to hold the entire country to ransom, only demonstrates what a pox-ridden, toxic blight on NZInc’s productivity they have become.
      When the fleas on the tail of the dog start demanding and behaving in such a way as to deliberately inflict deliberate commercial / soverign sabotage such as MUNZ/PoAL and Aussie film unions v’s NZ actors and the NZ public… well there’s only one thing for it…
      Flea bombs work!

      • blokeintakapuna

        Also, Sir Peter claimed he couldnt work on the hobbit for 3 weeks whilst these union thugs attempted their legally allowed hijacking until their ransom demands were met…
        Imagine being a SME owner having to endure 12+ month’s of continuous legal wrangles with the ERA over some nefarious PG claimant!! 12 continuous month’s of State Sponsored bullying through ERA process, which cost over $20K in after tax legal fees just working through the ERA process. Failure to work through the process means you lose – regardless. Follow the process or you lose… and the process is gonna take 12+ month’s of uncertainty with over $20K in legal fees from the EMA.
        Where is the natural justice in that for a SME owner?
        This hobbit example of unions/employment law is just the tip of the iceberg with how blatantly unfair and slanted against the property/business owner Labour have slanted employment leislation as a sop to their union bully boy cohorts.
        Fix the slant… and more SME owners will start taking more risks with more employees… on top of all the other risks they take each day.
        Fix it properly please National. The country depends on it!

    • sheppy

      That program should be renamed to “Communism Live”

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Nasty Tories – The reason there is crisis is due to Sheep’s Kiwi Build policy. Don’t you realise this? Grow up nasty National supporters. Sheep has plans for Christchurch too.

    • parorchestia

      Yeh. To remove our local labour MPs from any position of influence.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Of course there is a housing crisis fool. That’s why we need to build so many state houses, to house the poor and unwashed. Just look at the waiting lists.