The Huddle


I was on Larry Williams Huddle last night, with Josie Pagani.

Our topics were:

  • David Shearer manages to keep his job.
  • The strange case where a woman was let off her drink driving charge because of the sport she plays, which I understand isn’t a mainstream sport and not something most people would have ever heard of. However because such weight was placed on her as a “sportswoman” she was let off the charge and given name suppression. Now she can go off gallivanting around in her hobby sport with no one any wiser as to her drunk driving.
  • The last topic will be Waitangi….just cos it’s happening this week and there’s already a fight brewing thanks to the Harawira gang.

VIDEO: after the break


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  • Come on Josie, Labour’s housing policy may sound exciting, but it’s a complete fantasy!

    • Troy

      But that’s the mantra of the left… make things all sound sweet and cosy, push it to the hilt no matter how screwed up it is and then hope the drongo’s out there go for it.

      • Yes, but she is intelligent enough not to push the message when she knows it is thin air. She’s better than that.

        Affordable housing is a meme that the left have successfully injected into the debate. Asset Sales has failed, Child Poverty has failed, but “Affordable Housing” has found fertile ground. Why? Money for nothing. We all want money for nothing – “the Government will pay”.

        It’s very important National kicks the legs from under the Affordable Housing Policy before the election. They have launched their own policy instead of trying to expose Labour’s as the weird fantasy it is. And that’s a good start. Let’s hope it can take enough attention away from Labour’s.

        Amusing: One fantasy policy battling another fantasy policy to try and confuse enough voters to pick another policy to make voting decisions on.

    • backster

      Yep but its already fooled the maoris.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Do have a happy Harawira Day tomorrow. It’s astounding that our so-called national day has become all about one family and it’s thuggish hangers on over recent years.