The Huddle


I was on Larry Williams’ show The Huddle, with me was Josie Pagani.

  • Our topics were: Christchurch school announcement out yesterday…including more hysteria from Christchurch residents. I do get a little bit tired of us throwing billions of dollars at them all the time and they all just protest and moan back at us! 
  • The AG’s report is due out on the Sky City convention centre tender process will be released.


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  • Blair Mulholland

    I do get a little bit tired of us throwing billions of dollars at them all the time and they all just protest and moan back at us!
    They’re Cantabrians, what else did you expect them to do?

    • In the absence of the word wogistan, I need to classify the above as hate speech

      • You want hate Petal…go to Christchurch and take a cab from the airport, tell the driver you are from Auckland and then watch the vitriol spew forth. I had to stop one cab once and get out and walk it was that bad.

        • Patrick

          Cyclops country – they are so one eyed. Radio Sport’s Miles Davis calls it “The Village Of The Damned” & that is the best description I have heard for ChCh.

  • Marc Williams

    Just because Wellington is controlling passing out the funding, that doesn’t mean the recipients have to lie back and be fucked at will. There are currently 2 Canterbury MPs who exist on double digit majorities, and combined with the steady bullying of Gerry, the last thing that National should be considering is using the earthquake as a lever to achieve some sort of political agenda and close down community facilities – especially when it is being done so incompetently. A majority of 1 or 2 in Parliament, will be pretty unlikely if they keep carrying on like this.

    • parorchestia

      Canterbury does get pissed off with the poor productivity of the North Island (Canterbury earns 20% of GDP with only 15% of the population). Clean up South Auckland before you criticise Christchurch. The SI having to pay special taxes for roads in Auckland is particularly galling. Thankfully, the present government is a bit more even handed. But they still have faults. They expect ChCh to pay the lion’s share of the public rebuild costs – in other, more sensible countries the government pays up to 95% of the rebuild costs (Japan, Louisiana) and they leave the plan and reconstruction to locals. Here we have Wellingtonians crawling all over us giving badly thought-out plans – that we have to pay for. The rebuild is far slower than in other disasters. Thousands of people are still living in condemned houses. Roads are still in a terrible state (though the City Council is doing its best). We have non-democratic institutions forced on us. The plans forced on us are unattractive to foreign (and NI) investors, so we have to rely on Canterbury investors – and there ain’t enough, buddies.
      But let us copy our betters in the City of Sails, and only moan about the roads and the quality of the Chardonnay.
      Walk a mile in our shoes before you utter such ignorant comments. Meanwhile, the contribution of Christchurch to GDP has not faltered, so your lattes are safe still.

      • Marc Williams

        Not sure if you read my actual post parorchie – if so, you seem to have grasped the wrong end of the stick. Maybe you meant to respond to the first post above and not me… benefit of the doubt to you.

  • Re the school Chch closures it is a no brainer that the demographics are changing and something must be done. Would it be too much to ask that someone from the media and/or blogs actually puts together an article where the facts behind the issues like school closures are explained properly with both sides of the issue laid out in an objective manner?

    Re the negative ones I live in Chch and an overwhelming majority of people I know are happy just to get on with life and not complain. The whiners are a very small but noisy minority that have been moaning since the quakes started and won’t stop no matter how anyone tries to help them. They will continue to moan loudly and often as long as the news media piss all over them as Campbell did last night on TV3.

    To people like Blair Mulholland and Whaleoil don’t assume it is the majority who are whining because it simply isn’t true.

    • David

      I agree, most Christchurch citizens are grateful for the support and financial assistance we have received from the Government, and the good people of Auckland and the rest of New Zealand. Thank you all.

      Unfortunately, in Christchurch there are a small vocal minority that protest against any sort of change. Whether it is an international cricket pitch in Hagley Park, or an ugly so-called heritage building or the Christchurch Cathedral that is to be razed, new shopping mall, new subdivision, any sort of progress, they will protest about it.

      Generally, these Luddites receive plenty of media coverage and they know how to milk this free publicity. The council also does not help; instead of doing what is right for the city they usually bow to this tiny minority. The sad thing is that small-minded, perhaps that should be closed-minded people, like this can hold up progress for years through the courts etc.

      Groups like this are one of the reasons why New Zealand continues to go backwards.

  • Dion

    > they all just protest and moan back at us!

    You’ll note that the latest round of protests is being driven by teachers who like most of their profession seem to believe that the realities of life shouldn’t apply to them – and are prepared to millitantly protest to hammer home the point.

    There are school teachers in Auckland as well, you know :p