The Huddle


I was on Larry Williams show The Huddle last night with Josie Pagani.

Most of our chat was about the Labour party re-shuffle and then moved onto the constitutional reform yawn-fest.


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  • Troy

    Pagani lost the plot in this interview. She just doesn’t get it when she talks about King being the attack dog in lipstick, implying of course that Ryall won’t be able to handle it. This is typical nasty Labour tactic. Generally the attack dog doesn’t win over the calmness of those that they attack because the manner in which it is done comes across as heartlessness combined with flawed logic.
    Anyone that has watched Ryall over the previous terms will know that he responds to every question backed up by evidence and fact – this annoys the liabours because they can’t argue the opposite of fact. Indeed his record in health outstrips Labour’s by a long shot.
    I look forward with relish to seeing Ryall outwit King… she might be an attack dog in lipstick, but she’s not the type of representative I see as being a believable one. Supercilious also comes to mind.

    • parorchestia

      He has been a brilliant Minister of Health. King’s only tactic is to over-talk the opposition and get louder and louder if she is losing the debate. Hardly convincing debating tactics, although the IQ challenged may be impressed.